Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Attention Knitters and those of you who Crochet....

If you are talented enough to knit or crochet there are some exciting new patterns offered on the Liberty Jane site. Just in time for holiday crafting and gift giving.
Now I can knit a straight line but dream of being able to knit or crochet items like these and my early NEW YEARS resolution is to learn to do just that. But for those of you who already have this talent take a look at these new patterns from Stacy and Stella!
 Each pattern is so reasonably priced at $3.99!
I recently interviewed Keryn of Stacy and Stella Designs for your doll and am happy to share it with you today.

When did you start Knitting/Crochet?
I started knitting crocheting and sewing when I was a girl. I can't remember what age exactly but my Mum was very clever at all those things and a very patient teacher. But I remember I really started to get interested as a teenager when I started to create my own designs. I didn't have much money and I was frustrated by the out of date patterns in both knitting and sewing. Luckily it was the eighties and nothing had much shape so a pretty easy era to start designing clothes in. Armed with only a few basic stitches and a piece of graph paper I came up with my first knitting designs. In my twenties I moved to the UK for a few years and kind of "dropped a stitch" and stopped knitting for a few years. I picked it up again when my youngest daughter was a baby and I discovered this whole new world of online knitters.
(THIS PATTERN MAKE ME KARENMOMOFTHREE Want to learn to do this craft so bad!)
What made you create for American Girl Dolls?

We bought Stella and Stacy while we were on holiday in the US. I loved how the dolls are aimed at older girls and how my oldest daughter, who had started to loose interest in dolls, has started to play with them again. They grow up so fast I was all for anything that would extend that childhood ability to play.

18 inch dolls aren't really available here in New Zealand or clothes or accessories. So we had to get resourceful. I'd noticed the great sewing patterns available for 18 inch dolls, and part of why we bought the dolls was so my daughters and I could make clothes for them. But I didn't find as many knitting and crochet patterns that I liked. There seemed to be a gap in the market so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm a freelance web designer and I like the fact that while still being creative the pattern designs are a different kind of creativity. It's also great to have something that I can do completely independently in down time between projects. Also being so far away from the rest of the world electronic patterns are prefect.

American Girl dolls are the perfect size to knit for too. Not so small that they are too fiddly but small enough that you can finish things quickly. Almost all projects can be done with left overs from your knitting stash or at the most a ball of yarn.

How many dolls do you have?

Just two, Stacy and Stella. Would love to get more. We're saving up for our next trip which would hopefully include a stopover somewhere near a AG store :-) 

What skill level would you say your patterns are?

The patterns are currently probably intermediate level. But I'll aim to have a range of them over time. I'd like to have some that are aimed at kids and beginners to help them learn. But I also like a challenge so I'm hoping also to make some more technically complicated ones also.

I'm really keen to get some feedback on the patterns because I'm new to writing them, I'd like to know how easy they are to follow. I'd like to be continually improving them. I'd actually love some pattern testers if any ones interested?

What other patterns are you working on?

I'm working on some bedding ideas. A granny square quilt and pillow. I'm also thinking of maybe a quilted blanket with a crocheted edge. I'm even going to try making a bed to model them on! Not a knitted one :-)

I'm always looking out for what my daughters are wearing and what might translate well for the dolls. It's spring here so it's hard not to be thinking of things like beach tops summer hats etc but I know the main market is in the North so I'll be thinking wintery for a bit. I'll also be listening carefully to what people post on Facebook etc. But my daughters have a big role in what I make. They tell me what they'd like for their dolls. The crocheted shrug was my eldest daughters idea, I just had to figure out how to do it.

What is your favorite thing to make for the dolls?

I do like to sew for them as well. I used the polo shirt pattern on Liberty Jane and some old school shirts to make copies of my daughters school uniforms. That was really fun and got such a great response from people up at the school. I really like variety in craft so I like to make different things all the time, but having two daughters and two dolls I have to make most things at least twice. Anyway that's quite a good way to test the pattern.

The response to the patterns so far has been great. It's so nice to get such great feedback.

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  1. I am excited to see knitting and crochet patterns for the dolls. I have thought about trying to make some up myself but I am a rusty intermediate knitter and crocheter. I would love to do some pattern testing for you. How do I get in touch?

  2. Hi Bee, Keryn from Stacy and Stella here. That would be great. You can find me on Etsy or Facebook