Friday, December 16, 2011

Looking for doll sized Gymnastic suits ? Less then 2 weeks until the reveal of the new Girl of the Year Doll

Will she be a Gymnast? I think she will be!

Well we have less then two weeks now to wait for the new doll of the year to be revealed and released from American Girl and we have had some great clues about an up coming movie and hints from that the next Girl of the year will be a Gymnast.
If this is true then I have a great lead on an Etsy shop that has been making fantastic outfits for girls and their American Girl dolls for years. I know that with 2012 being an Olympic year we all have high hopes for our Olympic team and many girls will come to learn about and love gymnastics this year.

Teresa  of lil'fliprz Etsy shop has shared with me photos and history on how she got involved in making gymnastics outfits for American girl dolls here is our interview.

Q:How did you get started sewing gymnastics outfits for American Girl Dolls?
A:"I began sewing doll leotards after purchasing a doll leotard a a gymnastics meet. I was unimpressed by the fabric and detail of the leotard I had just purchased. I had been selling sewing patterns on ebay and realized I had a bathing suit pattern for 18” dolls. I, on a whim, cut up an old leotard from my girls and cut the pattern out and succeeded in sewing my first leotard. Yuck! My zig-zag was uneven and too wide. I posted online and the response was crazy. My son would call me at the gym where the girls trained and would say “you have a bid” or “you have a question”. Suddenly, my son was answering questions and helping me with orders. I am self taught, I have to admit in the beginning I would not buy from anyone with the quality that I first put out. My grandmother was a Tailor, so I believe my enjoyment and natural ability in creating patterns and making people happy with my product come from my Italian grandmother".

Q"What is your most popular leotard?
A:"That is very difficult because a lot of my clients are from various gyms and ask for custom work. It is a trend to take your doll to a gymnastics meet and have her dressed just like you. Usually, someone from a gym will contact me because they saw my work and will let the rest of the team know that they found someone that can duplicate their actual competitive leotard and suddenly I have 30 orders. Over the holidays, I tend to have orders that vary depending on preference and color."

Q:What is your favorite leotard to make?
A: "I love the leotard I just created! Every time I make a new leo and I know that the client will be pleased and I have challenged myself I love it! Sometimes I feel like a fraud I know I can make the leotard or warmup but, I never really know until I have finished whether I can sew an order properly."

Q:Who do you use for your model?
A: "I use Elizabeth most often. Kit is sometimes used."

Q:When did you start sewing?
A:"I started sewing when I was a teenager. Home Economics. My grandmother was a tailor and would always iron out my ballet costumes. She would hem my school uniforms. I believe it has been in my blood. I remember taking my mother’s living room sheers and trying to create a blouse out of them. Didn’t go over well."
Q:Do you take custom orders?
A:"The bulk of my business year round is custom. The holiday’s are the time where I post what I have already created and I know sell because the leotards’s are easy choices for the clients."

Q:Do you ship Internationally?
A:"I would. I am currently beginning my search into Australian Girl and British Girl. I really want to branch out. "

Teresa shared more about her self and her family here in her own words.
"I am a mother of 4. Currently, I have a daughter competing at University of Wisconsin Osh Kosh, I have a daughter competing level 9, I have a son competing level 5 and I have another son, he is a mathlete. I coach at The Gymnastics Revolution in Palm Beach. I coach the TOP’s team. I have homeschooled my children and I am trying to take care of a farm while my husband is temporarily working out of state.
I love creating new products. I often get asked to make karate or cheer and have recently agreed and have been taking orders for other items besides the doll leotards, grip bags and scrunchies."

I am so looking forward to the new Girl of the year doll and I hope that you have enjoyed today's interview!You can visit Teresa's Etsy shop at you can also find her on facebook at
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  1. Those are fantastic! My daughter actually has the girl size version of that purple leotard and it is stunning on her. I should get it for her once we get McKenna. My youngest daughter says the similarities between McKenna and her sister Megan are already unbelievable and that we just have to get McKenna right away.

  2. Thanks Char! I was thrilled to find them!

  3. With which stich do you sew the leotards with all zig-zags?

  4. With which stitch do you use to sew the leotards zig zag?