Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hoilday Photos from some of our readers

Today I would like to show you some photos from some of our readers that have been sent in this holiday season, I hope you will continue to send me your photos! I huge thank you to all who emailed me their photos.
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Brandy sent me some wonderful Holiday photos of her dolls getting ready for the holidays!
 My niece Laura's doll Tiana in the outfit from one of her visits to see me.
Natalie from Doll Diaries sent this wonderful photo! Thanks Natalie and Char!
 Sent in by Christina, I love how much they look a like!
Thank you to all who sent in photos and shared with us!
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  1. OOOH! I want Brandy's room(s) and "stuff"! Do you know any more about that? WOW!

  2. Yes I will publish more info on that in the coming months, she has some really amazing ideas and doll play items!