Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creating a Holiday tree for your doll

I remember even as a very young girl wanting a Christmas tree for my dolls. I remember thinking about this even in the summer months while I played outside, trying to figure out how to create that perfect doll sized Christmas tree. I made mine out of paper, cut images out of holiday flyers and catalogs and stuck them on my wall to create a holiday play scene.

As I grew older, and had pocket money to spend at yard sales and thrift stores when I went with my mother, I always looked for and purchased small Christmas trees, you could say I was obsessed. I loved having my own tree in my room, and eventually had several small trees that were perfect for every sized doll and bear I owned.
I loved making decorations for the trees and setting up my own Christmas play scenes. Now a days with the addition of dollar stores, craft stores and large discount department stores you can also purchase small doll sized trees for only a few dollars. Small 50 light strands are also available, and I have even seen battery operated lights perfect for doll play.

If you would prefer to not have an artificial tree for your dolls, you can always check your local plant suppliers for a dwarf Christmas tree or clippings from larger trees.
( Image of this rosemary tree is by
Another wonderful alternative is a bushy rosemary plant that doubles as not only a great kitchen herb but makes a fun Christmas tree.

The two trees in the photo with Chrissa at the top are from Wal-mart. The tallest tree was under $2.00! While the fuller tree was $3.97. A really great investment for girls who love the holidays, an easy addition to your doll play collection with out breaking the bank!
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  1. I got my daughters a tree for their dolls this year. It came already strung with lights and was $8.97 at Walmart. The girls picked out a white one and got a bunch of pink and purple ornaments for it. A little un-traditional, but cute regardless!

    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  2. We had the best time raiding the dollar store today to decorate a small tree for our Kit. Our favorite finds were some clay dough ginger bread house ornaments that we took the strings off of to convert to cookies and gift boxes that were decorated like Christmas houses that we made in to a Christmas village under the little tree. It's adorable!