Saturday, December 10, 2011

Make your doll an Elf hat from a Dollar Store find!

My sister Bre-Anne found another wonderful dollar store gem for me. This time she found and elf hat that is supposed to be for a Cat or small dog. For $1.25 she purchased the had and sent it to me.
With a pair of scissors, and a glue gun you can make this hat fit your dolls!
To make your own take the hat and lie it flat find the back. Get your scissors and cut a straight line up the seam. About 3 inches.
 Next remove the inner lining. Then fold in your edges.

Run the line of glue around your fold line and let dry.

There you go, gives new meaning to Elf on the Shelf! A much cutter version I think!
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  1. So cute....couldn't find this hat, but did snag a Santa hat at our dollar store, with scissors and some hem tape, I converted it to a full length doll cape complete with white fur trim.

  2. I found these today at Michael's in the States. They were $2.99 American, I think but 50% off today. Haven't tried it yet but I will after DD is in bed.