Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well today is Christmas Day, and if this is a holiday you and your family celebrate Merry Christmas.
The above photo is of the Christmas in 2009 when my mother and sister Bre-Anne got me Chrissa. This was the last Christmas I had with my mother and though it was a chaotic time, I will look back on this with such fond memories for ever. I love the planning it took for them to get this and keep it quiet! My Sister Bre who lives in Montreal Quebec drove to Boston a good 6 hour drive (though she and I did the trip in like 10 hours last April) and then she flew home with it at Christmas. I was shocked. Thrilled but shocked. Being a mom of three boys, I had given up the idea of getting a doll as I thought it was just not an option for a mom of boys. My mother told me "you will always be a girl first and I loved getting you a doll you wanted for Christmas". I had no idea then how my life was about to change. My mother passed away in September of 2010, My mother passed away suddenly.
I began sewing for my 5 young nieces in October 2010, doll clothes for their American Girl dolls. Teaching myself as I went along. Posting the photos of my progress on Facebook, by last Christmas I had made almost $100 selling my doll clothes in my neighborhood, I started this blog a year and a day ago while waiting for my sister and her family to arrive from New York, by January I had started my doll craft classes, I started publishing daily by the end of March, Visited the American Girl stores in Texas (November 10), New York and Boston (April 11) and Seattle (July 11). I began Writing for Doll Diaries in May, and this entire adventure has been so amazing. Thank you all for being such an important part of it.
This is my first Christmas away from my Sister Bre-Anne and her husband and three girls, it is very strange for me. I am so happy though to have Skype and photos to keep us all connected on this special day.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that Santa was good to you, I can not wait to hear about your special holiday memories.
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