Sunday, December 11, 2011

A wonderful over stuffed Chair for your dolls from KristineAnns

kristineanns   offers some of the cutest overstuffed Chairs for 18 inch dolls I have ever seen!

These chairs are 16" wide at the front, 10" deep at the side and stands
14" tall. The average cost for each chair is $55. The cushion on the seat is removable.Krisitne Ann will also custom make you a chair in a fabric of your choosing. These chairs only take 1 yard of 54" wide Home Dec Weight" fabric and you will get a discount for sending your on material! She will also custom make you a matching love seat and tables if you would like a full set. The love seat fits 2 dolls.

Kristine Ann tells me  "I have been making them since 1995. I decided my own soft dolls that I made, needed a place to sit that was soft as well. The pattern is my own original design.
I started to notice that people were buying more and more of the chairs than my dolls, so focused on just them for many years.Just last year at our Seattle Urban Craft Uprising show, I was re-introduced to
how popular American Girl Dolls still are, and a visit to their newest store was an eye-opener, as well.
My chairs can also be special ordered with your own fabric- 1 yard of 54-60" wide home dec type fabric makes a chair with removable cushion."

I am so thrilled to share this shop with you today and hope you will take a chance to view her shop  where Kristine Ann also makes and sells adorable items for Blythe Dolls!

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