Friday, December 9, 2011

Coats, Mittens, Hats and More from HandODesigns Etsy Shop

Etsy shop HandODesigns is run by Holley and Olivia Thompson. There shop offers items for 18 inch dolls that are perfect for the holiday season. From fun Swing coats at $20 to adorable hat and mitt sets for $9

I also loved the pink pillow chair back rest they make priced at $14
If you are looking for more knit items this shop has adorable hat an mitt sets that are knit also for $9

This shop also offers a verity of  very traditional flannel Pajama sets for dolls

Holley and Olivia shared a bit about their shop and lives with me here is your insight in to our interview.
Q:How you got started sewing for American Girl dolls?
A:"I like to sew and I wanted to make clothes for my daughter's dolls and my dolls that American Girl doesn't make and also make less expensive clothes. We can't keep all the clothes I make, so I decided to sell the clothes. I am teaching my daughter to sew and she is doing a great job and she has a good eye for color combinations and she knows what the girls in the tween age group like to wear.
I've been sewing since I was around nine when my grandmother taught me how to sew. I like to design clothes and sewn them and over the years I have designed clothes for myself and my daughter. I designed and made my wedding dress.
Sewing and knitting are calming for me and I like to have a project going. It's something I can look forward to after a long day at work. I work in accounting, so being creative is a no-no; sewing gives me a creative outlet."

Q:Who does what sewing patterns?
A:"I have many McCalls, Simplicity and Kwik Sew patterns. I usually make a sample out of a pattern and then alter it for a different design and a better fit. For example, I took a 70s style dress and made it into pajamas by shortening it and changing the sleeves a bit and then combined it with pants from another pattern.
I also use Liberty Jane patterns and the American Girl patterns American Girl produced in the 1990s."

Q: How many and which dolls you have?
A "Between my daughter and myself, we currently have 18 American Girl dolls and two other 18" vinyl dolls.
We have:
Historical: Felicity, Elizabeth, Kirsten, Samantha, Rebecca, Emily and two Ivys (renamed Julie and Cassie). I found Emily on Craig's List and she will be auctioned off at my daughter's school fund raiser in March. Cassie came from eBay and was a doll that was abused by her former owner; my daughter and I fixed her up.
Girls of the Year: Mia, Chrissa, Sonali and Gwen
Modern Girls: Blossom (#4), Jasmine (#15), Little Olivia (#23), Sophie (#26) Jeannie (#27) and Marissa (#37). Jasmine and Jeannie came from eBay and they are my sewing models.
The other two 18" dolls are an Our Generation doll (Joy) and a Gotz Puppen (Jenna)
I do kind of have a thing for J names.

I have been a doll collector most of my life. Up until I discovered American Girl, I had mostly porcelain dolls and collector Barbies. I like having dolls that I can change their clothes and set up in cute scenes. I like to display my American Girl dolls to fit the season, right now they are in Christmas entire."

Q: What motivates you to create for American Girl Dolls?
A"I like sewing for dolls because they never complain when they are being fitted for clothes nor do they complain about itchy fabric. American Girls dolls are a good size to sew for because they are larger than fashion dolls such as Barbie and there is an abundance of nice patterns for the 18" doll size. And they have such sweet faces."

Q:What are your favorite things to make and sell?
A:I like to make pajamas because I like pajamas myself. I wish I could wear pajamas all day. I also like to knit hats and mittens. I knit on the bus on the way to work and I knit a lot during tax season (I am a tax preparer in real life) because it is calming. Doll items are easy and fast to knit."
I am so happy to share this Etsy shop with you and hope you will take time to visit HandODesigns.
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