Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's that time of year again!
 So what have you planned this New Years Eve? Are you some one who loves to stay up late?
 I wish I could say that New Years Eve is a favorite of mine but as some one who values sleep I am not one for the midnight parties.
I do like however celebrating New Years at 9pm as a family affair. We used to make a special desert and serve it to our children and have ginger ale in special glasses to celebrate the Ball dropping in Time Square, as we live in the West Coast and are 3 hours behind New York, I really enjoyed spending the time with my children.

I have a great dollar store gem I picked up which is a dolls sized bottle of Champagne Bubbles, I am not one for Champagne myself and do not recommend it for those under age but I do like the little bubble bottles!

On Doll Diaries I hope you will check out my New Years Pizza party craft.
I hope you have a truly enjoyable evening and a very Happy New Year!
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