Saturday, December 10, 2011

Make your doll some living room furniture

Looking for the perfect place for your doll to sit and need a craft that you and your daughter can make together or with friends take a look at this easy to make set by contributing writer Stephenie Webber of
Westfield, Indiana. She has created a living room set for her daughter Lexie's dolls and has offered to share her ideas with us today.

The one thing I find difficult about chairs is you need to have strong backs to support the dolls and, if you have little brothers and a baby sister around, they need to be pretty sturdy.

My first ideas were a bean bag sofa and a recycled box chair. Made out of fabric I already had (I'm much better at buying things than making things out of what I buy,) I took a long sheet of material and eyeballed how big I wanted the couch to be. I then cut out triangle fabric to try to keep it more sofa shaped once done, instead of just a loose bag. Then I sewed most of it together, turned it inside out and filled it with packing foam we had around the house. I think it's all hand sewn, I get lazy to pull out the sewing machine.

The chair I made with two boxes inserted into one another at right angles, so the bottoms align, does that make sense? It made an L shape that I filled with foam. I then draped the same fabric over it, using silver ball straight pins on the side to finish it, so it looks like metal accents on furniture. I actually used masking tape on the bottom, to hold it on,but you could sew it. I was working fast that day!
Thank you to Stephenie for sharing these wonderful ideas with us today.
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