Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stephenie Has Done it again! Look at this kitchen chair she made and you can make it too!

I am so excited to share with you today the kitchen chair that Stephenie Webber of Westfield, Indiana has designed and agreed to share with you today. Stephenie is a busy mom who doesn't have allot of woodworking experience but she has an eye for creating easy to make doll items and has created this chair based on one she bought at Good Will for her daughters doll play collection.
I am very inspired by this mom and contributing writers "can do attitude" I like the way she looks at things and says, "I can make that!" and then does.
Here is how she made her daughter an extra kitchen chair and how she made a larger kitchen table for her daughters dolls!

Chairs are always difficult to find especially in pairs ! I found one chair at Goodwill and thought I could use it as a pattern, to make some chairs of my own! My husband graciously allowed me to use his work bench, as long as I cleaned up after myself, a difficult task! But I did and now, I think I make pretty good chairs!
I bought my supplies at a hardware store, using different sized dowels as the legs and chair back. The chair on the left that is painted, I found at Goodwill for $2.50 I think. The unpainted chair I made. I think I found some shelving that was the right width, about 5 inches. I then cut it into the seat and the top of the chair. I didn't have a router or woodworking experience so I simplified the chair by using straight legs and a plain rectangle at the top. I did use three different sized dowels, you have to have 3 different sizes as the largest is for the legs, the middle size for the leg joints and the smallest for the cross joint and the back.

The table was easy, more dowel rod and a pine stool seat from the hardware store. I used a miter box to put the dowels at all the same angles. I did that because a man at the store said it's more sturdy that way, then just making them up and down. You can see that it's large enough to have 4-6 chairs at it, a size I've never seen at a store.
I am so thankful to Stephanie for sharing her ideas with us today. Look for more ideas from Stephenie in the new year!
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