Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Marjorie's amazing wooden doll room gift...the gift that keeps on giving

One of our readers Marjorie, sent me an email with photos of the wonderful gift she gave her granddaughters for Christmas. She made 3 out of her 4 granddaughters doll rooms that take my breath away!
Marjorie tells me that she was inspired to make these rooms from my February 2011 post about my cardboard doll rooms. Marjorie made hers out of wood.

Two of Marjorie's granddaughters love horses and she made this wonderful living room for them.
I love all the attention to detail.
Marjorie tells me she has been keeping her eye out at yard sales, thrift stores and craft stores for ideas and items mentioned her on my blog.  Note the Christmas Cookies in the kitchen on the table are the fun foam ones I mentioned here early in December.

I know that her doll rooms are going to bring her granddaughters many wonderful hours of quality doll play as well as wonderful holiday memories. These are truly rooms that are gifts that keep on giving I hope you have felt inspired by her work as much as I have, the gift of inspiration is amazing!
I am so happy that Marjorie sent these photos to me and has allowed me to share them with all of you.
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Thank you all for helping make my blog a great doll play resource!


  1. I LOVE that Western room! This is very inspiring!

  2. I just love this! I made some out of project board but this is so much better!

  3. I love this. Beautiful job Aunt Marge. I want to make some of these now. Luann

  4. beyond fabulous - such attention to detail!

  5. Your best lighting bet is incandescent lighting, but not too close to the dolls because of the heat such lights throw.