Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspiring organization for the new year! A guest post by Brandy

Brandy sent me a very inspiring post and I could not wait to share it with you.  Here is how Brandy has found a way to optimize her doll play space and collection. I hope you will enjoy.

"I wanted to show a great way to organize an AG doll collection.  I LOVE the
"Itso"  storage collection from Target.  The possibilities are endless.  I
like the fact that you can see in the plastic bins.  I chose a neutral
colored fabric bin because there is already enough color going on in the
room with all of the toys."

  "On each bin I use a label...I use a picture and
words.  This works great for me because I have one child who is old enough
to read and another who is not.  The bin labels work great because they are
the only ones I have found that actually stick and stay on plastic and
fabric.  They are found at:

"This is a must pass on.  Seriously, great products!"

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  1. That is so cool that she has them all labeled!

    Also, Hannah and I received the doll accessories you sent us! I loved them! I also liked the doll posters! :D

    That was very nice of you!

  2. I was wondering how to organize all my doll clothes! This helps a lot. Thanks!