Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little black dress swap I did on Swap-bot just in time for New Years Eve!

Recently I held a Little Black Dress swap on the craft and mail swapping site I belong to called Swap-bot . For this swap we each made our partner a black dress for an 18 inch doll  and mailed it to our computer assigned partners. The partner I received from was the Fabulous NikiG who has been a contributing writer on this blog. The partner I sent to was somewhere in Pennsylvania. The above photo is what NikiG made for my doll. I love it, She made a black an almost strapless sheath style tie dress with an Animal print Shrug and matching hairband.
I love it's sophisticated look.
For my partner I made a dress from a pattern I created. I loved it and hated to part with it but I know my partners granddaughter loved it.
I made it with a belt and sent an all black shrug an extra accessory.

I had so much fun making the outfit for my partners doll and continue to enjoy  swapping outfits with other doll clothes crafters on Swap-bot . I also loved the anticipation of receiving the dress my partner made for my doll. NikiG did such a great job, I wonder if she will part with the pattern?

If you are over 18 and wish to join swap-bot it is a free mail and craft swapping site. If you are looking to send and receive some fun items through the mail click here . If you are already a member and wish to join my swap group send me a message. I am also Karenmomofthree on Swap-bot so I am pretty easy to find.
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