Monday, September 17, 2012

A converstation with Cyndy of Sparkle Pig Designs.

I stumbled across this fun shop while looking for Halloween items and I was so excited to see dolly and me outfits offered for girls and their dolls. Sparkle Pig Designs shop offers fun, comfortable, age appropriate, and inspiring fashions for the whole family.
 What I liked most about these outfits were the designs I have not seen anywhere else, the selection and the price!
I think that anyone my age remembers the fun of tie dying and now you can get the look with out having to do the work for yourself. Sharing a little of your childhood with your little ones.
My sister Pumpy has always loved pigs and once I stumbled in to this shop I saw so many potential gifts for her and her daugthers (my nieces) Laura and Thea. 
I asked Cyndy if she would agree to an interview and I am so happy to share a bit of our email conversation with you now.

Q:How did you come to create items for your shop?
A:"I have been a “crafty” person ever since I was a little girl, and I always feel best when I have creative outlet.  I started experimenting with tie dye about 4 years ago after my sister did a tie dye project with her Girl Scout troop, and at that  time I had no idea that there were so many different ways to dye fabric and shapes. I started trying out everything I could think of, and through a lot of trial and error I came up with some fun, unique designs.   I take a lot of pride in coming up with designs you can’t find anywhere else, and I always love it when a customer comes up with a new challenge for me."  

Q:What items do you create for 18 inch dolls?
A:"I offer tie dyed shirts, skirts, jeans, camisole tops, and tunic/legging sets for dolls, with matching or coordinating outfits for girls.  I do not make my own clothing, but I have a good friend who makes the tunic/legging sets for me and she is working on some short and long sleeve dresses for me this fall.   My products depend on what I can find that is 100% cotton that works for tie dye, and I am always on the lookout for something new. "

Q:What is your motivation for creating doll clothing?
A:"My motivation for creating doll clothing started with my daughter.  She is a doll lover, and LOVES to match her dolls, as do many of her friends.  I always enjoyed  finding unique clothes that were handmade at craft shows and boutiques or on etsy, but as she got older I found that she liked the more “fancy” outfits for her dolls, but did not want to be wearing so many frills or ruffles for herself.  It made me wonder if I could downsize some of my tie dye that she likes to wear to fit on doll clothes so they could match, and I was happy to figure out I could.   I love it when she puts in an “order” for me to make something special for her and her dolls.  I find that my tie dye appeals to doll fans of all ages who want to match their dolls, and it is such fun for me to make.  I have even made sets for moms, girls and their dolls to match!" 
"I also get a lot of enjoyment thinking of my creations being part of special celebrations such as birthday and holiday gifts and trips to the American Girl Store.  At times customers share stories or pictures of where my designs end up, and I love that." 
Q:Do you have any 18 inch dolls and if so which ones?
A:"Right now we have three American Girl dolls in our house, and they are Josephina, Julie and Nikki.  I grew up in Colorado and Nikki was from Colorado so she was our first doll.  My daughters name is McKenna, so I foresee another doll joining our family sometime this year.  I really love the historical period dolls, and my daughter has her eye on Kit and I would love to have Kaya too!"  

Q:Also anything else you would like my readers to know about you or your shop.
A:"I have a facebook page where I have contests contests or giveaways and post discounts or ready to ship items.  I also welcome thoughts, ideas and questions as they are often my inspiration for creating something new, so don’t hesitate to contact me if anyone has something specific in mind."
 I have been so impressed with what I found in this shop and with more then 200 items in her shop, more then 1,315 sales this shop is one to keep an eye on! I love that Cyndy will do outfits for Dolls, Daughters, Nieces, Mom's, Aunt's and Grandmas....Something American Girl over looks. You can click here or any of the highlighted words to visit Sparkle Pig Designs.

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