Thursday, September 20, 2012

A fun Summer outfit I received, isn't it time you learned how to sew with a machine?

I received this adorable yellow burst of Sun Shine dress in one of my mail swaps. My partner created this easy to get on dress and fun summer hat for a Summer Send anything swap. My partner for this swap is new to sewing doll clothes, though she is an expert knitter!  This swap made me think of items I started to make when I was new to sewing just two years ago...

If you are new to sewing or interested in learning how to sew clothes for your own 18 inch dolls I recommend watching video's and using free patterns for making doll clothes from sites like Liberty Jane Pattern's. Click here for pattern site. This is how I  learned to sew doll clothes. I started sewing doll clothes 2 years ago and these patterns and how to You tube videos got me where I am today and they can help you too.
These patterns all come with step by step photos and with the aid of these video's you can see exactly how to make your own.

Now is a great time to start sewing, using items you may have on hand, perhaps a t-shirt you or your child have grown out of. I purchased Velcro at my local Wal-mart for under $2 so my first investment was $2 and I made many shirts out of material I had on hand from out grown or stained t-shirts from my kids and the Velcro I got at Wal-mart.

There are many other how to sew video's on You tube the one above is part 1 of a series of videos that will teach you how to make everything from a simple skirt to pants for your doll.
These video's changed my life. How so you may ask? It was because of my learning to sew doll clothes for my nieces for Christmas 2010 that this blog came to be and I look at the staggering number of visitors I have had since starting this blog Christmas Eve 2010 and I know that if I could learn to sew this way you could too.
I hope you are inspired to try to make your own doll clothes for yourself, your child or grandchild (or like in my case my nieces.

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