Monday, September 3, 2012

A wonderful new line of 18 inch Dolls to love- Harmony Club Dolls

I am so excited to share with you today a wonderful new line of 18 inch dolls to love and add to your doll family! Harmon Club Dolls.
I recently had the opportunity to interview the lady behind the Harmony Club Doll Line and today I asked her to share more about her dolls and background with us.

"My decision to build this company was inspired by hours of playing with dolls with my 4 1/2 year old daughter. My daughter is a competitive dancer and loves fashion and dolls. As a young girl, like my daughter, I was quite passionate about fashion and I loved dressing my dolls and soft toys. As such, this business made good sense for me."
"My favorite part of the business has been working on something that I love to do, and playing with my daughter and her dolls"
"My professional background is corporate banking. I have worked 10 years in commercial finance and corporate underwriting, most recently serving as a Vice President at Union Bank of California. I also am an MBA Graduate from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. I studied Entrepreneurship and Finance in graduate school and have been waiting for the right opportunity to begin my own business."
"My husband, Bill Elliott, has helped me to build the foundation of this business.Bill will continue to work with Harmony Club Dolls, focusing on accounting, finance, and marketing."
We currently have two dolls available for sale, Summer, a strawberry blonde with blue eyes, and Ellie Ann, a brunette with blue eyes. 
"We are expecting shipment of two more dolls, one brown eyed with black brown long hair with bangs, and one brown eyed with wavy brunette hair."
"All of our product is manufactured in China. The hair for our dolls is wigged like American Girl. The hair is synthetic and very high end. The hair looks very real and can be brushed and washed without affecting its appearance. The texture also feels very real."
"Our dolls have the exact measurements as American girl, and are soft bodied like American Girl. The eyes are open and shut and the limbs are pose-able. The dolls are very durable and make great play dolls."
"We presently have 500 dolls in production in China that are expected to arrive in the fall. Our manufacturer is Everyest, a reputable company in China, that has worked with American Girl."
"Our blonde doll, Harmony, will wear a pink spandex work out jazz outfit and tan jazz shoes that are made in the same style as the shoes available to dancers by Bloch. Our brunette, Justice, will wear a purple spandex tap workout outfit with black tap shoes."
"The name of our company, HARMONY CLUB DOLLS, comes from the inspiration of music and dance. My daughter loves dancing at shows, and so do her dolls. Harmony Club Dolls made perfect sense for the style and personality of the dolls we have created."
"As for our Limited Edition dolls, the first doll introduced "in the summertime" is named SUMMER and is wearing our SUNSHINE Outfit. My daughter, herself, named Summer after her favorite Barbie doll, and it made good sense to me. The next Limited Edition doll is Ellie Ann, who is named after the newborn baby of my best childhood friend. The doll herself looks like my friend as a young girl, who is now the mother to "Ellie Ann"."
"Our current production of dolls will include Harmony, named after Harmony Club Dolls, and Justice, a strong popular teen name."

"All of our clothes is designed to fit 18 inch dolls such as American Girl. I purchase the clothes both direct from China and from local wholesale vendors who buy large bulk purchases from China. As the company grows, we will purchase 100% direct from China with our own design."

"Our doll fashions are inspired by my daughter's wardrobe."
"Our doll clothes fall into four categories, dance wear, city clothes, simple and sweet, and western. All of the styles are trendy and incorporate peace signs, bright neon colors, and fun accessories that girls love."
"We are expecting shipment of Halloween costumes next week to include, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and Belle"
"Our longer term marketing plan is to market our merchandise to competitive dance companies around the US. These companies produce hundreds of competitive dance shows each year, where dance related merchandise is sold. Additionally, we will be marketing our product to retailers throughout the U.S.  Most importantly, our web store will remain a large part of our business, and all of our product will remain available on the website."
"We will ship internationally and domestically.However, need to pass through the shipping cost to the buyer."

I am so thankful to Harmony Club Doll creator Karen for sharing with us today about these truly wonderful doll. I know you are all going to love the dolls, outfits and accessories offered by Harmony Club Dolls. Click here to visit their online store today.
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  1. Too bad they are not 15-16 inches instead of the full 18. They would make perfect little sister dolls if they can stand themselves. If a line of dolls would go that route instead of trying to compete with the 18 dolls out there, keeping the bodies the same bulk so clothes could be shared, they might have a better chance.

  2. I understand your thinking I think that would be great too, I have to say I really like the look of these dolls. I love the fashions and the idea behind them. I think these dolls stand alone and not as a competition to AG dolls but a compliment to them. Giving parents and girls another option to love dolls and experience doll play is fantastic in my books.

  3. I wish more of the alternate brand 18 inch dolls would have smiling faces. These dolls look so somber. I want to look at a doll face that makes me happy.

  4. Harmony Club dolls I love your Beautiful dolls!! I bought one for my Grand-Daughter's Birthday next Sunday!! It even looks like her!! I know she is going to LOVE it!!! :)