Saturday, September 1, 2012

Check out these wonderful doll t-shirts from The Beach Shack Etsy Shop

I have found a wonderful Etsy shop that has doll t-shirts that are so fashion forward and stylish that I myself would wear most of them.

The Beach Shack Etsy shop offers almost 2 dozen t-shirts your dolls would love to wear
Syd Ingram is the t-shirt designer who's keen eye for fashion and up cycling has created quite an impression in the dolly fashion world.
Her t-shirt designs attract tweens' and doll collectors alike
Syd's eye for fashion and doll photography truly show her dedication to her craft and passion.
Syd's creations are offered from $6-$18 , something to fit everyone's doll and for everyone's budget!
Offering more then just t-shirts check out these Swim Suits and complete outfits from The Beach Shack  
Check out The Beach Shack today and see what fun fashions they have in-store for you today!
Syd shared with me that she  "started the shop partly out of necessity, and
   started it was because I wanted unique tees for my own dolls, and no one else was making them. So... out came the sewing machine!"

I am so glad that she did!
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  1. how did she get doll with purple streaks in her hair? I would love that for one of my dolls