Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian, 
 How was your summer? What did you do? I missed your posts. I hope you will write more posts again in September.
Missing you,

Dear Molly,
 Thank you so much for writing me. I have had a busy summer and have missed writing too. I did so many wonderful things this summer! I actually went to the American Girl Doll Hospital this summer and got hearing aides.  I love them and they help me hear so much better! You are probably wondering why I needed hearing aides in the first place. Here is my story. When I was a baby I used to get really bad ear infections. I had them all the time and even though I had lots of antibiotic treatment and great care at home and with my doctors I developed scar tissue that has lead to some hearing loss in both of my ears. One ear is much better then the other but they both needed help. I was upset when I learned I needed to have hearing aides thinking that I would really hate them but I really like them! I can hear so much better with them and I like the way they look. In school last year my teacher had to wear microphone to help me to hear her voice but now with my hearing aides I think I will be able to hear my teacher much better.
This summer I also went on a road trip, had sleep overs with my friends and got new clothes and played with family. I am happy to get back to school and back to science class!
Thank you for writing me Molly!
I have missed you all too,
Your Friend,

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