Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday addition of Madelon's Fun Finds For Halloween!

Today I bring you a special addition of Madelon's Fun Finds, perfect for Halloween! While I know that Halloween is a few weeks away many of you will want to snap up these fun finds and re-purpose them for your own doll play or as party favors for your up coming events.
Madelon has found some wonderful Halloween themed mini kaleidoscopes that double as perfect Doll Holiday Glass Wear! "They even look as though they have ice in them!" says Madelon.
These mini hand clappers are perfect for our dolls to hold! Simply use a small elastic and your doll can hold the clapper! You can also just place it in her hand as Madelon did in the first photo.
This package had three designs. Found at her local dollar store. Can't find these at your dollar store? You may find these at your local craft store, party store or big box store.

Madelon also found these small flashlights which are perfect for that evening walk or trick or treating!
Madelon's fun finds are the perfect example of how to reuse everyday items for Doll Play.
Keep your eyes out for items you can use in your own doll play or add to your collection for very little money! The best part is  holiday packages like these packages usually have more then one item in them perfect for sharing doll play items with all your dolls, between your sisters and with your doll loving friends.
I am so thankful to Madelon for her continued submissions and for her creativity! 
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