Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brandy's Amazing Doll Crock Pot!!!

Brandy comes up with so many wonderful ideas and I am so thankful she lets me share them with all of you. Brandy's Crock Pot has to be my most favorite to date. THANK YOU BRANDY FOR THIS CRAFT TODAY!!!
"As a busy mother trying to jungle kids, work, and house, I often rely on my
crock-pot for our family dinners.  My oldest daughter said, "Mom, I would
love it if you could make me a crock-pot for my dolls."  Hmmm...I had to
think on that one for a bit.  My idea worked and my daughter loves her
little surprise.  With a few simple craft items this is how I did it."

"For the main "crock-pot" I used a 3 inch paper-mache oval craft box.  I
spray painted the lid inside and out with silver spray paint.  The bottom
outside box was also spray painted silver.  I painted the inside of the
bottom box a glossy black.  I then took black foam paper and glued trim to
the underside of the bottom box as well as to the upper lid edge (this was
to make it appear somewhat like the black insert.)  I then painted two
oblong beads black and attached them to the sides as handles.  Next, I took
black pony beads and hot glued one to the front for the dial and one to the
very top for the base of the lid handle.  I then painted a wood cap black
and glued that on top of the pony bead to finish off the lid handle.  White
pony beads were hot glued in place for the feet.  I used my label maker to
make tiny Rival and Crock-Pot decals.  Then I used a black sharpie and added
little dots to resemble the temperature settings."

"For accessories I made a little beef roast out of a painter's sponge.  I
painted it in various colors of browns and reds."

 "Then took little strips of orange foam paper and rolled them up to make mini carrots.for extra accents
I used an orange sharpie and drew little lines across each."

  "I used white pom-poms for potatoes.  I cut irregular foam pieces to resemble slices of

"I also made a tiny Lipton Onion Soup Mix seasoning on my
real roasts!   I printed off a picture onto white card stock paper.  Then I
folded in the paper on each side of the picture. Next, glue the bottom edge,
fill with tissue, and glue the top closed.  Finally pinch in the sides for

"Enjoy!" ~Brandy

I hope you enjoyed Brandy's craft today, I know I did!
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  1. Wow...just wow! That is pretty darn creative! And it looks so real! Down to the onion soup mix packet...amazing! Super job, Brandy!

  2. Cool! Where Did the stove, oven, and fridge come from?

  3. that is so cute and doable.. thanks so much for sharing it

  4. The kitchen set is from Payne Street Doll Boutique.

  5. I want to make this for my dolls! Actully, i want to make ALOT of your crafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!