Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looking For Great Items for Boy Dolls?

I love 123 Mulberry Street Patterns and if you have a boy doll you know that it is not always easy to find things made for your boy doll. Here is a wonderful pattern for cargo shorts and pants for your boy (or girl) doll offered on the Pixiefaire website here, or on Etsy by clicking here.
Mini Me Dolly Divas has some of my most favorite shirts for the boy dolls. Take a look at this one!
The Beach Shack by Captain Syd has some fun boy shirts in her Etsy Shop, Click here to see her shop and listings.
Sew Fun Doll Clothes has a great selection of items for boy dolls. Click here for shop and listings.
Linda s Doll Closet has some fun pj's for boys!
Click here for shop and listings.

If you are looking to bring an 18 inch boy doll home may I recommend HARMONY CLUB DOLLS. There is a shortage of 18 inch boy dolls on the market and you can pre order one through Harmony Club Dolls who have a very limited supply!
Offered at $82 there is only a small amount of these dolls arriving in time for the holiday season so pre order today and get a price brake as well as free shipping! Click here to view the Boy dolls and accessories on Harmony Club Dolls

I hope you will share your great finds for boy dolls with me so I can pass on the information to our readers. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. We love having a boy doll in our house, and I've had a lot of fun outfitting him. Heree are a few of my favorite boy clothes items so far:

    Springfield pants don't look very girlish, and they were Alex's first pair. I have since made him some with my own pattern, but they worked just fine. Springfield also had a green camo shirt with jeans (I think it's discontinued now) that I picked up for him ... Oh, and a pair of khaki pants (came with a purple top) that are probably also discontinued. Springfield also has some cute non-girly black sunglasses that I'm thinking about picking up for Alex.

    If you can knit, there's a very fast, easy and adorable free vest knitting pattern on Ravelry that looks great on boy dolls. It's called "Easy Vest for 18 inch Dolls" by Janet Longaphie. I've made several, and you can see them on my blog if you're interested (search for "vest", and it comes right up).

    Wal-Mart has some cute hiking boots right now, as well as a few boots that could be for a boy *or* girl, if you don't mind the plastic-y shoes (some people do, so I thought I'd mention it). They also have animal head hats for around $5, and those seemed very boyish to me. (I wish there was a raccoon for a coonskin hat!)


  2. Thank you Christa! These are really great tips!