Monday, September 23, 2013

Mini Monday- Mini Kit wears Bratz and Barbie Fashions

Today Madelon shares he photos of mini kit wearing Btatz Fashions. One thing Mini lovers have had to do for a while is find other sources to dress their 6 inch dolls.
Re-purposing other fashion doll outfits for  mini doll clothes is not always a perfect fit. As cute as this outfit is Madelon had a difficult time getting the jacket on and the dress doesn't to up all the way in the back.

I too have used older Barbie and Skipper clothes on my mini dolls with some sucess. Madelon had Kit try on Skippers suit! 

 ***Another thing that works great with the mini dolls is the Barbie Food and some accessories.

This year I have been enjoying my Secret Sister Swap so much. A group of us adult doll collectors joined up to swap items for our dolls a few times a year. I just got my September themed swap from my partner and there were so many wonderful  and thoughtful items for my mini dolls I wanted to share the photos with you. My partner send shoes and a mini doll dress that my niece Thea could not wait to put on my mini Nellie doll. The shoes are so cute and even have little bows on them. My partner also made a paper suit case which the dress and shoes were inside! As it was back to school themed my partner created a mini doll locker out of paper as well as mini doll books. I was over the moon and as you can see Thea was too!
Remember with mini doll play to get creative!
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  1. Just found your site....and would love to have you take a look at my Etsy Shop I just started making clothes for the AG mini's and have fallen in love with them....I also offer patterns for them. Let me know what you think!