Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doll Storage- Homemade For The Holidays Day Four!

Always a bone of contention in my house but doll storage and clever ides for doll storage are a wonderful gift idea. The Portable Closet Garment Bag Storage System you make yourself from a pattern by Love U Bunches, is a favorite of mine. Offered at $3.99 on the Pixiefaire website this pattern will allow you to sew as many doll storage bags as you need and hang them up!

Another brilliant idea from is this shelf turned into a doll bed! What a great idea! This shelf cost under $10 to create and you can find out more on the make it-love it website by clicking here.
You do not need a ton of wood working experience for this brilliant idea! has impressed me with this doll storage idea! Click here to see how they made it!
With a little more wood working ablities why not make a dolly storage cabinet from the plans on the Ana White website. Click here for her amazing ideas for doll storage and more.
I hope you are inspired to make something for the upcoming holiday gift giving season for the doll lovers in your life.
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  1. I would just like to say that I really appreciate all your holiday guides. As a mom of a doll lover on an extremely limited budget, these are very helpful to be able to perhaps make her some things that I would never be able to pay retail for. And I wish I had half the talent of Ana White! lol Thank you so much for continuing to post these.

  2. Thank you so much! Ana White had to start somewhere too, I am hoping you all have sucess in your crafts!