Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's make Pizza 2 ways,easy to make Doll Pizza with a flyer and fun foam and felt

Today I am showing you two ways to make doll pizza. The first is the pizza I made my dolls and the second is  guest blogger Brandy's Pizza.
First mine...
Where I live in Canada we have a wonderful pizza by the slice shop called Fresh Slice, their flyer is the perfect slice of doll sized pizza.
Take a look at some of the glossy adds your local shops may have, and cut out the pizza, tape or glue it to a piece of crust colored fun foam and cut out your doll a slice.

Here in Canada we also have a wonderful Kids meal treat at Boston Pizza (called Boston's in the USA) and at the end of the meal kids get a small pizza box with a chocolate in side and it is perfect for a personal doll pizza box!
Now Brandy's!

Brandy's girls wanted a Pizza to play "Pizza Shop" with their dolls. So she
immediately thought of a pizza restaurant near where they live  that is popular in the northern
panhandle of West Virginia, called DiCarlo's.
She used a square jewelry box and attached pictures via labels for the top and sides of the box.

Brandy used  tan foam for the crust, red and off white felt for the sauce and cheese, and
red foam cut with a hole puncher for pepperoni.  She cut tan foam with
scalloped scissors for the crust.
Both pizza's are sure to bring a smile to your dolls faces! Easy and fun doll food you can make on your own or as great party craft!

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  1. Love this! We love DiCarlos pizza! So yummy!!

  2. LOVE the DiCarlos Pizza w/ Doll. May we share on our Facebook page?

    1. Thank so much!! The fans of our page will love it at our Myrtle Beach, SC location! Our Facebook page is: