Thursday, January 5, 2012

A canopy bunk bed with storage made by Stephenie Webber

For those of you who follow my blog regularly you will notice that I have had a few past posts by Stephanie Webber of  Westfield, Indiana. In today's post she shares with us the first wood working project she made. She made her daughter a canopy bunk bed with storage.

Stephenie's daughter Lexie got 2 dolls for Christmas 4 years ago. When you have new American Girl Dolls and need a place for them to sleep, what do you do? Here is what Stephenie did...

I decided to build her a bunk bed with trundle so that she had a place for her friends doll to spend the night too. She asked if it could also have a canopy and curtains and I said why not?

I was afraid of woodworking at the time so i decided to use the bottom boxes as the bed frames, using corner molding and slats(found in the same section, maybe drywall butt joints?) , pre-painted white. I used wire hangers, cut down and bent as the canopy frame. I did use a small saw to cut the slats and corner molding. 

I covered the bed frames first in coordinating scrapbook paper and used mod podge to seal them. I'm a big believer in  mod podge, it adds durability and allows it to be cleaned if needed. I also made the coordinating sheets, curtains, pillows from excess fabric. 

I love how this bed turned out, I also love how the height of the doll bed allows for easy doll play. Dolls can sit up in bed and not bang thier "heads!"
I think Lexie is a very lucky girl.
Look for more ideas from Stephenie and Lexie this year.
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  1. What is wrong w/ the canopy? It looks like a mess, not one I would even thing of buying based on these pictures. When I think of a canopy bed I think of the ones I see at stores/catalogs. This looks like someone threw dirty clothes on top of a doll bed in the corner. Are there better pictures? Is it supposed to look like that?