Saturday, January 28, 2012

My first American Girl Mystery Series has arrived!

Over the Christmas Holidays my husband introduced me to a book buying site he uses called  The Book Depository  
The Book Depository offers free shipping on books world wide and is based in the UK. Some of you may know I live in Canada so getting the American Girl Books up here (with out the large cost of shipping and dutie)s is not always easy. I was so thrilled to find that they carried a large selection of the Mystery books I had been planning to pick up on my trip to American Girl and that with the Free Shipping and great price they were cheaper then me getting them at the store. 
I decided to start with the Samantha series and then I think I will move on to the Kit Series. 
Would any of you like to start an on line American Girl Doll Mystery Book club? If you would come join us at
Don't forget to check out the great selection of American Girl books at your library, local book store , American Girl store or check out The Book Depository today. 

I did not order The Cry Of The Loon  so I will happily pick it up on my next trip to American Girl Seattle!
Open a book and start an adventure with Mystery Books from American Girl.
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  1. You should definatly get the Kit series.I read one and the next time i go to the AG store i will definatly buy the other!

  2. I need to go there and buy the other two Samantha books. I just finished reading the Curse of Ravesoourt! It was a really good book.

  3. I have also purchased all the Kit books they will be the series we so next!