Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two great options for doll shoes, make your own or pick up a pair of ready made!

I am so excited that there is another option for Doll shoes for 18 inch dolls on the market, the best part is you can get them two ways, You can make you own with this pattern from Liberty Jane and Eden Ava or you can purchase some beautifully made shoes from MicheFinds Etsy shop.
The pattern offered from Liberty Jane's Pattern site is only $3.99!
Meg of MicheFinds has put together some absolutely adorable combinations for doll shoes and she shared with me a bit about the process.

I wanted to know how long each pair of shoes takes her to make. She shared with me that "it's is difficult to tell how long each pair takes because I do it in a process that is sort of factory like."
Then she does all the sewing at once and finally all the gluing.
"This whole process takes hours so I would estimate each pair of shoes takes around an hour to make."

"The pattern is adorable" and MicheFind's  at $9.00 a pair they are a steal!

  "I am actually working on my first outfit now that will include shoes, so I'm excited to see how it turns out!"

I also asked her which were her favorite so far and she said
"I think my favorite pairs so fair are the green denim ones with button embellishment and the white and pink leopard print." I have to agree they are my favorite as well.
So if you are a crafty  lady visit Liberty Jane's Pattern site and purchase your own copy of the pattern by Eden Ava, or Check out MicheFinds Etsy Shop  and order your own pair today!
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  1. I have been eyeing that shoes pattern for awhile now. Have you made any shoes from it Karen? I bought a Ravenclaw robe from MicheFinds for my daughter's birthday and was so impressed with the quality. She does great work! Glad to see she is starting to put her patterns on Liberty Jane.

  2. I have not yet made them but I have every intention of making them they are on my list! I have bought patterns from Edan Ava before and I am thrilled with her work also.