Wednesday, January 4, 2012

70's themed Jiffy Pop Craft by guest Blogger Brandy!

Today guest blogger Brandy brings us the coolest 70's themed craft for 18 inch dolls!
Brandy's oldest daughter Jayla who turns 7 this month,wants a 70s themed birthday party.
"She of course is hinting towards Julie and Ivy.  Well...peace signs...the color orange...root beer floats...roller
skates....jiffy pop.... all make me think of the 70s.  So...she was drooling
over the catalogue and saw Julie's jiffy pop.  Hmmm...adorable yes....pricey
yes...especially with me thinking I still need to pay for an upcoming party."
So here is how Brandy made her own "copy cat" craft and you can too.

"I shaved off the rounded bottom of a Styrofoam ball...covered in foil.  Used
tiny white pompoms.  I added a touch of scrap booking yellow chalk on top
for a butter look.  Then I cut and bent a hanger for the handle."

I love this idea that Brandy has come up with. I am so happy to have it to share with you all today!
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  1. We are doing a 70's party in a few weeks so great timing on craft idea.

  2. Wonderful have a great time! Send me photos!

  3. Shredded styrofoam makes great popcorn, too. Love the Jiffy Pop pan.