Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My own My London Doll! Meet Olivia!

My sister Bre-Anne just came home from London and brought back with her My newest doll Olivia.
Olivia is a My London Girl Doll and is a very welcome addition to my doll family!
Shown here with my Maplelea Doll Saila and My American Girl of the Year 2009 Doll Chrissa.
(The dolls are standing in my American Doll Room)
The first thing I have to tell you about My London Doll Girls is they are much softer to "hug" making them very hard to put down! I love the Meet outfit. The Clothes and shoes that My London Girl Dolls come in are very well made and very fashion forward. I am going to have to ask for them to make the outfit in my size!
As some of you may know I purchased my "Bella" doll through Sears Canada and though the faces are the same I have to tell you that the quality of doll hair is far superior on the My London Doll then that of my Sears doll "Bella". (My "Bella" shown here in a My London Girl Store exclusive hair band and clip) absolutely adorable and would look great on any doll! Canadian, American, Australian or British Doll!
  Just look at these shoes! I love them! I believe that any doll lover, would get hours of love and doll play with a My London Girl Doll. I am so happy to have Olivia in my Doll Family and I am so thankful to be able to share her with you!
If you are in the UK I highly recommend you take a look at their website
or stop by their beautiful store in Westfield London Shopping Centre.
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  1. You are so lucky... I have a very close friend in London and I chatted her today and she said she was going to the store too... She knows how much I love dolls so she said she's going to experience it for me!

  2. Well Liese, I hope she has a wonderful time. My sister said it was amazing and she could spend hours in there just looking!

  3. Do the clothes and shoes fit the AG dolls?

  4. Wow... what a pretty doll! I'm glad that more and more countries around the world have 18 inch dolls of their own :)