Saturday, January 7, 2012

An interview with Ali of Girl of the Year Studios

In November I had a chance to meet Ali of The Girl of the Year Studio's in Seattle at the American Girl Store. 
She was absolutely amazing. Ali has a very large You Tube following and was doing a Meet and Greet at the store. When I arrived she was swarmed by fans and she was signing Autographs and taking photos with anyone who asked.  Her presence caused such a stir that security had to move us to the events area. That being said Ali and her group were very accommodating and she was very well received.
I was thrilled that she would even pose for the photos with me above and it is now one of my favorites. 

When I returned home I wrote to Ali and asked her if she would do an interview that I could share with my readers. I am so thrilled to bring it to you today. 

Q:When did you get your first American Girl doll and which one?

A:"My first doll was Jess and I got her for my 9th birthday in 2006. My mom ALMOST got me the entire Jess world but she didn't think I wanted it! Silly mother..."

Q:Do you have any Maplelea Dolls?
A:"I actually considered getting a Maplelea doll when I was younger, but I always found their smiles somewhat... creepy... and their hands too... So I waited on a much cuter AG instead, and got some Maplelea outfits to compensate "

Q:When did you start making you tube videos?
A: "I started making YouTube videos in mid-2008 after watching a few people on YouTube like unodosginger, xmollygirlx, xkambreenkitx and kitkittredge. I thought it was the most amazing and adorable thing and just had to try so a friend make and I made a video together with our two dolls. She ended up leaving and then one day I just became important to people"
Q:How many dolls do you have now?
A: "I have 8 dolls, and I'm not getting any more as much as I'd like to. 2 reasons; the first being I have no room and the second being I couldn't take care of them all haha! 8 is perfect!"
Q:What has been the most amazing thing you have done ?
A: "Probably meeting everyone at AG Place! It felt so surreal! I couldn't even believe so many people came to see me and spotted me! Incredible!"

Q: "Which American Girl Doll Stores have you been too?"

A:"I've been to Seattle of course, and few people know, but I went to AGP LA in 2007 when I went to Disneyland. It was super empty and lame, and sad compared to the second time around!"

 Q: What is your favorite American Girl doll Accessory?

A:"That one's really hard... I love the backpack sets (ALL of them) And historical EVERYTHING but I guess I'll give in and say... the dining set!"
Q:How do you handle your fan mail and comments?
A:"Well not well... I used to answer all my PMs, but they got crazy, and seeing I didn't like the idea of just deleting them I made myself unable to message, and now just reply to questions on formspring. I also have a FAQ on my blog (because questions get SO repetitive sometimes.) make how-to videos and respond to as many comments as I can! People should be replied to after all!"
Q:There are so many girls who look up to you what would you like them to know about you?

A:"Well firstly I'd like them to know that it's AMAZING that they look up to me! And I suppose I'd like them to know that everyone goes through hard times and bullying, including me, so if I can make it through so can they. I hope that they know that I'm sitting on a couch being totally normal and I'm not untouchable and unapproachable!"

Q: Do your friends at school respect your love of dolls?
A:"My friends at school don't actually know about my dolls, and as much as I wish I could tell them, I just feel like I'd avoid a lot of second thoughts and craziness and fear and risk by keeping it a secret. It may be cowardly, but it's easier for me anyway. Maybe I'll tell them in university."
Q:What would you like to do after high school? 
A: "As much as I'd love to go into acting, I just can't see it happening, so I suppose architecture and interior design! It seems quite fun! Oh and I want to move to Paris!"
Q:What advice can you give to girls who love dolls but are feeling pressure from other girls their age to give up dolls?
A:"I suppose I'd say that they shouldn't let other people keep them from being happy. If it's too difficult to tell them why you like dolls, or they won't listen, just don't bother letting them know. You don't have to lie about it, but just don't bring it up, and people will forget. If people can't understand why you like dolls it is because they're close-minded, then don't even let it cross their minds."
You can find Ali on line at the addresses below
I had such a great time meeting Ali and wanted to remember our visit and commemorate our meeting so I ordered a shirt from Ali's Etsy shop and I love how it looks on my doll.
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  1. Who were the 2 other girls in the 4th picture?

  2. They are AG1008 and AG1077