Friday, January 13, 2012

My Springfield and American Girl African American Dolls

Two of my favorite dolls in my Doll family are my African American Dolls, I thought was Addy but turns out to be original Pleasant Company mold Girl #15 (A HUGE THANK YOU TO READERS LILLIAN, CATHERINE AND KAYE for correcting me!) and Madison my Springfield dolls.
I love each of these dolls for so many reasons.

The skin tone of both of these dolls is quite different and yet both so beautiful. I love their hair. Though My "Addy's" hair is very unruly and thick, I have broken a few of my American Girl Doll hair brushes styling her hair, while I understand now that a Pick would be a better choice for her hair. My Springfield  Doll Madison's hair is just like my sisters and my three nieces. *My styling tip is finger style when possible! Her hair and bright eyes and smile show this dolls personality! She looks more to me like a real girl of 7-9 then my "Addy doll" who is supposed to look 9-13. Now that I know I do not have "Original Addy" I REALLY WANT ONE! Though I will always call my #15 Addy....
I have wanted Madison for a long time. She is such a fun doll. Her hair looks great down and styled and I have yet to find a color of clothing that doesn't look fantastic on her.

My "Addy" doll came to me second hand and and I was told she was Addy! She doesn't have any original clothing so I always have her in more modern clothing. The outfits they are wearing for this post are outfits I made and I think they look adorable in them.
The Springfield Collection Dolls are very reasonably priced under $30 in Canada and a great doll play value. You can find Springfield Collection Dolls at Micheal's the craft store and on line at Springfield Collection Dolls   Addy currently sells at American for more then $105. Both Dolls are beautiful and a great doll play investment.
As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at NOW I TRULY am grateful to Lillian, Catherine and Kaye for their comments and helping educate me! What a wonderful exchange of knowledge this adventure has brought me!


  1. Dear Karen,
    You do not have an Addy doll, you have an American Girl Today #15 Pleasant Company doll with medium skin, textured black hair, brown eyes. That face mold was never used for Addy, even during Pleasant Company. Addy's real skin tone is closer to Madison's. Also, I have Madison, and her hair is a complete mess, although I am experienced and gentle with all kinds of doll hair. How do you keep it so tidy?

    Also AG dolls are not supposed to look like 7-9 year old girls, they are supposed to be 8-13 year old girls. To me, no one will ever surpass AG with realistic looks of a 10 year old - my daughter's doll looks nearly identical to Emily, and Emily is still n good condition despite how much she was loved.

    Please do not take this as a negative comment. I love all your crafts and enjoy looking at the Etsy shop interviews. Please continue to do more of these good things!


    1. I was going to say the same thing about your "not Addy". I have two Addys. Addy's face mold is completely different from your #15 who has a classic mold. She is, by the way, a relatively hard to find doll in good shape as she is now retired and you cannot get her directly from AG. Yours is a particularly gorgeous doll, I think.

      Take a look at American Girls Wiki and you'll find all of the dolls Ag has released and you'll find your #15. You really should get an Addy as well. Her face is exquisite. I never get tired of looking at my sweet Addy faced dolls. She and Samantha top my list of the most beautiful dolls and it's a tough choice to make as these dolls are so lovely.

      I really like your dresses for the two dolls. My Addy stays in her period but I do have a number of modern dolls and though I keep most of mine very young, more at the 8 year old range, I also have recently made two of my dolls into pre teens just skirting the teen ages, because some of the new clothes seem to be for girls a little bit older. But I can't resist the cute little girl type clothes either, so I have both in my collection.

    2. To Catherine: I have a doll I have been trying to identify. She has the face mold of the newer Felicity, the skin tone that is a little darker than the doll pictured above, and brownish black eyes. Her hair is black and textured like Addy's. The closest doll I have come up with is 15, but I can find only one picture online, and 15 appears to be too light, and I am unsure about the face mold. Could there have been a time they customized?

  2. I was going to say the same too, but these girls beat me to it.

  3. I am so happy to hear this, when I got her I was told I had got Addy, well that explains it! Thank you so much for helping me with at mystery!