Monday, January 16, 2012

A little living room fun from Madi Grace Designs Etsy shop

 I love doll furniture and I came across a wonderful Etsy shop that has some very cute items for 18 inch Dolls.
I love the coffee table and all the cushions.
There are some really great patterns for cushions in this etsy shop I love the color combinations.
My favorite has to be the trundle bed but the classic bed is also adorable
I also love the bed side table and lamp.
The bedding looks so cozy!

I love to get the behind the scenes look in to the lives of the families behind the shop  I am so thrilled that Tracey has shared with us today a bit about herself and her shop.
Q:When did you start making items for American Girl/`8 inch dolls?
-A: "Thanks to Ana White, this fall (2011) I decided to make my own set of living room tables. I ended up making my first farmhouse style doll bed for my daughter using scrap wood from that project and by following the plans from Ana White's site" 

Q:Which dolls do you have?
A:"Right now my daughter only has the our generation doll, I just borrow her for pictures, there maybe someone new in our  photos in the New Year"
Q:What is your favorite things to make for the dolls?
A: "My favorites are the farmhouse style beds and the living room sets right now. I love to pick out fabrics for them too. However, my passion is in the creating so most likely the next item I make will become my favorite."

Q: How did you get started sewing and in woodwork?
A: "My mom owned a fabric shop when I was growing up, so I learned how to sew at a very young age. I've always enjoyed creating things out of all kinds of fabric-and it's double the fun if I can upcycle something. The woodworking part has been a recent addition, although I think it runs in the family. We bought my grandparents house several years ago, and attached to it is my grandfather's wood shop (we call it the "shop" it's actually just a third garage) where he built all kinds of things from child sized rocking chairs and baby doll cradles to traditional cradles for his children's grandchildren. I can even remember the play stove he built for me one Christmas. I think I inherited some of his woodworking passion and I'm blessed to be able to be working in the same shop he did"

Q:What is your best seller?
  A: "I guess I'd have to say the farmhouse style beds and the living room sets are the best sellers so far, along with the princess bedding set. My mom gets kudos for sewing lots and lots of cushions and bedding. While I'm building and painting, she's usually sewing.
I'm thankful that God gave me a talent I can share with others and I'm blessed to be a part of their happiness."

I hope you have enjoyed today's post and I hope you will check out Madi Grace Designs
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