Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dolly Delights Etsy shop and Ebay items

 Being a fan of doll food for doll play I was thrilled to find these fun food items offered by Dolly Delights on Etsy.

Though new to Etsy Dolly Delights has been selling more of her food items through Ebay.*dollydelights*/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
Dolly Delights started to create doll food when she was at her childhood friends home and they started making dolly cookies. She became so fascinated with it that she just kept trying out new creations.

She tells me " As soon as we baked them in the oven I checked them every second or so to make sure they were ok :) Polymer clay was such a great invention. I love what I do, and I do what I love, everyday is a new day to create something new!"
 I am always curious what dolls everyone has so I had to ask.
"We are huge American Girl doll fans in our house. so far we have Chrissa, Felicity, a customized Laura Ingalls, Ella (she's my logo for Dolly Delights) and also some beautiful 18" dolls from a series: Life of Faith Dolls."

 I had to ask how Dolly Delights came up with her Dolly Frap's...
"One day a random thought came to mind, to make dolly frappuccino's I named the drinks DollBucks after a well known brand of coffee, Starbucks. These have been selling quick! I didn't know so many dollies were fans of fraps!"
 I also wanted to know what Dolly Delights was serving up next...
"Right now I'm making American Girl cakes, you need a lot of imagination for those :) The Lord has been so good to me with my business, we just don't know what each day holds"

I hope you will check out Doll Delights on Ebay  or Etsy 
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  1. A suggestion; let those featured here know when you are going to publish your piece on them, so they can have some inventory on hand when it happens. I just went to this Etsy shop and all it has is one lone cocoa for $4 in a display with stuff it doesn't include--I hate that. I've gone to totally barren shops. When you featured the mini doll clothes, I pretty much cleaned out that shop--I do buy when I like the stuff. But when the cupboards are bare, I can't.

  2. i loved the feature, but i agree with the other comment. i was excited to purchase some doll drinks and there are not listed in the store other than the one hot cocoa.

  3. Hi Catherine, thank you, I do let them know they know weeks in advance, I am so sorry to hear that the shop was mostly sold out that makes me so upset! Please know that every effort to find and feature these items on my blog is my priority.
    Thank you both for letting me know how you feel and I will do what I can to work with the shops. I am truly sorry for the lack of inventory in this particular shop.
    Always happy to hear from you and thank you for visiting and shopping from the shops featured here.