Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Bella Doll looks like the Bella Doll From My London Girl

Today I wanted to share with you one of my new additions to my doll family. The doll on the right is my "Bella" doll that I got at Sears Canada. I was so thrilled to find her she was from the NewBerry Collection from a post I did on the new Canadian 18 inch Dolls that Sears Canada was selling, They called her Noelle she was sold out very early on and I was thrilled to find her at Sears Metro town yesterday. When I got her home I was surprised by how close to the My London Girl  my doll looked like! I was quite excited. Though the wig on my doll doesn't look as nice as the My London Girl, I am thrilled with the quality of this dolls wig and that it can be easily styled. It is similar to the routed hair of Springfield Dolls and very soft.

I am so thrilled that girls in the UK now have My London Girl Dolls. My sister Bre-Anne is traveling there in three weeks and promises me a full update on the dolls, store and more.

Take a look at this photo of the London store doesn't it look posh! I love it!
So if you are in the UK and have a My London doll or you have visited the store please let me know so I can share your story!
To visit My London Girl click here  . Sears Canada is sold out on line of it's brand of 18 inch dolls but you still maybe able to locate some in store.
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  1. I really want a My London Girl doll, they are so pretty! I love the doll called Amy and I'm hoping to get her for Christmas :)