Saturday, January 21, 2012

My first Historical Dress! 1930's From Eden Ava Couture and Liberty Jane

During the Black Friday Sale on Liberty Jane Pattern's I went a bit crazy with buying patterns I had been meaning to try. I finally got this one made and I am thrilled with how it turned out!
Using a red and white polka dot fabric I have had an been meaning to use for the longest time, I was able to make a dress I felt very proud of!

I have a very basic sewing machine and I think that even a beginning seamstress will love making this dress.
I found some small white buttons my mother must have purchased years ago in the sewing box I inherited when she passed away. They are the perfect size for this dress!
This is a dress pattern I know I will use again. I love that you can dress it up or down and change it's look completely with just changing the fabric and trims.

I recommend this pattern that you can purchase from Liberty Jane here  a great deal as patterns are only $3.99
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  1. the dress is perfect for Valentine's Day and even for Christmas or school days but it needs a little something on the collar and at the "waistline". A black belt and a heart would do it, I would think. It looks unfinished as it is IMO. I would also make the next one a tad shorter.

    A gold broach on the side of the collar would also make it into a serious occasion dress up outfit.

    I wish I could sew.

  2. Great job Karen! I have a basic machine too so I always like to hear other people's experiences with patterns before I buy them. My sewing skills are limited to what I learned in home ec in high school LOL.

    I got myself Emily with Christmas money so I want to make some of those heritage patterns from Liberty Jane. I am busy building my 1940's kitchen display first though. Well to be honest I am supervising my husband's building :)

  3. Like Jen said, Great job! It looks perfect!