Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hair Styling reminders!

Just a friendly reminder to my new readers about doll hair care. It is so very important that you NEVER EVER use a hair dryer on your dolls hair. IT WILL MELT AND WRECK YOUR DOLLS HAIR.

It is okay to lightly mist your dolls hair with water and to comb thru the hair with a wire wig brush, your dolls hair will air dry!

Pick up a small water spray bottle at your local dollar store or the next time you are in Walmart/Target. Or you can order this set from American Girl  by clicking HERE

It is very important to not get water in your dolls eyes as the eyes can rust. As the staff at the American Girl Doll store do, protect your doll with a cape or towel when working with your dolls hair around water.
 I highly recommend this hair care book and dvd, lots of great ideas here! I have had this book and DVD for years and think that every American Girl Doll lover should watch the DVD!
Never cut it your dolls hair and always ask a parent first before you attempt to wash your dolls hair. Our dolls are so special to us and proper care will ensure that our dolls will be in perfect shape for play!
If you ever have any questions about doll skin or hair care you can always contact American Girl or email me at karenmowen@gmail.com and I will see what I can do to help you out with your questions.
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