Sunday, January 8, 2012

Liberty Jane T-shirt swap I did on Swap-bot

In December I signed up to do a Liberty Jane T-shirt swap on Swap bot. I signed up for two of them. I love this pattern which is a free pattern from Liberty Jane click here for your own HERE.

For the two swaps I had two partners to make and send a shirt too for a total of 4 shirts. I loved making my partners shirts for their dolls (or their nieces, daughters or grand daughters) I used three up-cycled shirts to create the White, Burgandy and Blue Shirts, and I used a stretchy sparkly purple material for the other.
I have not been sewing for a long time and I have only a very basic machine but I was really thrilled with how this pattern turned out. I was most nervous about the sleeves but they all turned out great.
I would recommend this pattern to any one who is starting out sewing. MY tip to you would be PIN PIN PIN! Pinning it makes it so much easier to sew stretchy fabrics.
Here is the shirt I recieved from one of my partners Skippy'sMom!

She is one of my most favorite people to swap with! She has sewn for years and her shirt came finished by a serger machine and perfect!

I think I will force myself to make a bunch more of these Liberty Jane pattern shirts,  for the coming year. The more you practice the easier it gets and the better sewer you will become. Maybe I will sew enough to have some t-shirt give away's in the coming months, would you like that?
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  1. The shirts you made turned out great! I have made that Liberty Jane pattern too. I am not a great sewer by any means, but any clothes I make from Liberty Jane patterns always turn out well.