Monday, January 23, 2012

Reader Annika made the practice beam from my Doll Diaries post and shared her photos with me

On Doll Diaries I have a weekly craft column and my craft from January 6th was a practice balance beam for your dolls . One of our readers from here and from Doll Diaries, Annika sent in her photos.
 Here is the purple beam she made for her dolls. I love the bed she has for her dolls as well!

I love that Annika made hers so it folds for storage!
 I want to thank Annika for sending her photos to me and if you have photos of a craft you have made from something you have seen on my blog here or from a craft I did on Doll Diaries. I would love to see them, I may even post them here!
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  1. Such a clever project and love the purple!