Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Girl Doll Apartment by Kristi

One of our readers sent me her photos of the doll play area she has created for her daughters. Kristi turned her daughters closet into a wonderful American Girl doll play house "Apartment ".

Kristi tells me one of her favorite items to craft with is duct tape and I can tell by her dinette set this is one crafty Mom!
Kristi loves to up cycle items for Doll Play
 The above photo shows that even if you do not have a closet you can turn into a doll Apartment you can create a great doll play space for your dolls.

Now a bit about Kristi and her girls!

" I have three daughters, Abigail-age 9, Lianna -age 6 and Gwendolyn -age 2.  The first American Girl doll we got was Nicki when Abigail was five.  She asked and asked for Nicki for Christmas from Santa and he brought her.  That year, when Lianna was two, Santa brought her a Bitty Baby.  Abbi received Mia the next year and Lianna received Bitty Twins.  The dolls were very special to my girls and so we continued to buy items for them.  This past May (2011,) my husband and two older daughters took a train trip to American Girl Place in NYC.  The girls loved the salon, cafe and seeing all the doll scenes.  On this trip, Lianna got Kanani and Ruthie and Abbi got Kit along with tons of accessories. 
My girls really wanted to expand their play with their dolls and be able to share with friends and their little sister.  I was looking up ways to make furniture and set up a dollhouse for the dolls and came across Karen's website.  The ideas were so great and do-able.  I was inspired to start making furniture for my daughters and their dolls for Christmas.  I used re-purposed  or up-cycled materials to make everything and duck tape has become my best friend!  Christmas was great because my daughters each received a new AG doll (two My AG's and Molly) along with the items of furniture and accessories I made for them.  We worked to turn their closet into a dollhouse and make use of other space for an "apartment" and a doll salon.  I am so happy with how this has allowed my girls to better experience doll play and continue to enjoy the simpleness of playing with dolls."
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  1. That house looks like it has hours of fun!

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