Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking ahead to spring confrimations and wedding season with beautifuly made dresses from Treasures in Mas Attic

 I came accross Treasures in Mas Attic in October and was amazed at what this Etsy shop offered. One of a kinda beautiful confirmation or wedding dresses perfect for 18 inch dolls. Each dress is beautifully designed  made from an actual wedding dress that has been rescued by Bobbie of Treasures in Mas Attic .
One of my best friends daughters had her confirmation last spring and I would have loved to have given her one of these dresses as a gift. I know that she would have loved this. Most of the dresses I found commercially for the occasion were either too plain or way to expensive.
These dresses are priced between $37-$55 and are so well made.
Every attention to detail has been paid from the lace train
to the beautifully placed embellishments on the back.
Bobbie and her daughter Katie, who handles the shop front, shared with me a bit about their shop and their motivation for making these dresses.

Bobby says "I have always loved to sew and loves making doll clothes. So when the 18" dolls come out I started thinking about making clothes for them." " And now that retirement is close at hand, I put her love to good use." says Katie

 Treasures In Mas Attic offers more then just confirmation and wedding dresses for dolls but I wanted to focus on these dresses for our interview.  I wanted to know how Bobbie came to re use wedding dresses for 18 inch doll clothes. Bobbie says she had some vintage wedding dresses and had the idea to turn them into wedding or confirmation dresses for dolls and not finding a good pattern for the wedding dresses she designed them herself.
I also wanted to know why she had chosen a Journey Girl Doll as a model.
"Journey Girl doll was chosen due to the way the bodice is made. I like the way the sleeveless/strapless clothes look on the Journey Girl better, however the dresses do fit other 18 inch dolls and still look great."

Treasures in Mas Attic will be carrying seasonal clothes, jewelry, shoes and other accessories for dolls so be sure to check back often.
When it comes to creating for dolls Bobbie says
"Making doll clothes came out of my love for sewing. I made most of my three children's clothes when they we little, I made many three piece suits for my mother in the 50's and 60's, made many of my own clothes and have crafted most of my life. After many years of crafting my heart always seemed to go back to making doll clothes"
I hope you have enjoyed today's post and if you are celebrating some of life's special moments with a young doll lover this year or perhaps a doll lover of any age, take a look at what shops like Treasures in Mas Attic have to offer  you may find just what you were looking for.
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