Monday, January 23, 2012

Brandy's versatile doll play essential!

Brandy has come up with the most versatile doll play essential. She has created this tri-fold screen that has so many wonderful uses in doll play and I am so thrilled she is letting me share it with you today.

Here is how she made it.
"I used three craft store frames and cut out galvanized steel for each.  It
is painted in a berry pink color.It can be stored flat or folded.  I didn't
do too bad for never hanging hinges before!  :)  I originally started making
it as a dressing room the Tiki Boutique, but once I got started making
it...I came up with more ideas."

For the boutique: "I used magnetic hooks to create a purse display.  I added
some rhinestone magnets to girl it up.  Behind the the dressing
room...I took a sheet of silver poster board and laminated it to make a
pretend mirror.

I wanted the mirrors larger, but my self-laminating sheets
only went to 11 inches.  I added a hook to hang the clothing.  The hook is
removable so the screen can be stored.  I painted the necklace/bracelet
stands to match...they were purchased from Ebay store, Little House of
Beads.  The little box is filled with foam...I will put little AG earrings
in that for display.  In the mirror drawer, hair accessories will be placed.
Both of those boxes will sit on display on the Tiki counter."
For the grill:  I made tropical flower magnets.  I designed a little menu.
It will be useful to help teach the girls monetary values.  Then I added
some tropical drink magnets and little info on Hawaii that come with one of
Jayla's dolls.
(only things missing are the grill and "today's specials" easel from PayneStreet)

For the school:  I thought it would make a cute bulletin board. I laminated
different charts and maps.

For the grocery store:  I thought the screen would make a cute backdrop for
a grocery store.  I laminated different foods they like to snack on.  I have
a little cash register to add later.
 Brandy is one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with. I love the clean designs and thoughtful approach she has to doll play. Thank you so much Brandy for sharing with us these wonderful creations and ideas for enhanced doll play.
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  1. So many good ideas. Thank you for sharing...