Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aid for Abby...a special post and contest and facebook fundraiser.

 A few months ago I found a wonderful Etsy shop run by a Mom who sells her daughters art work to fund her daughters much needed therapy sessions. Bonnie is Abby's Mom, Abby is a child who has multiple disabilities including Autism,Expressive/Receptive Language Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Aid for Abby 's Etsy shop sells original art and cards made by Abby. The proceeds of her work go towards the costs of Abby's therapy treatments.
Now some of you may know that two of my three children also have Autism. Where I live in Canada, we have some medical coverage and government benefits that help us cover the cost of our Therapy sessions, though for many families world wide the financial burden falls to families.
I was amazed at the selection of affordable art cards and paintings in Aid for Abby's Shop and I wanted to do more to help then just be a customer. So with Bonnie's help and permission we wanted to share with you Abby's art work in away that would tie into our American Girl dolls.

With the help of another wonderful Etsy shop Doll Clothes by Peg we came up with the idea to put Abby's Art Work on a t-shirt and do both a fund raiser, a give away and hopefully bring awareness about the incredible things that people living with Autism and families living with family members who have Autism are doing to make the world they live in a better place.

Peg has kindly made and donated three shirts to this cause that are adorned with my favorite painting Abby made that I bought and now is framed and on display in my office!
So how much do therapy sessions cost, you may wonder.

Abby gets weekly psychological/behavior therapy at $225.00 per session. She gets developmental therapy at $225.00 per session, once a month. She gets physical therapy twice at month at $176.50 per session. The money made from all the items in Aid for Abby   goes to help pay for her therapy.
There are two ways you can help Bonny and Abby and have a chance to bring one of these shirts home.

We will give away one shirt here on my blog and take bids through my Facebook page for one of the shirts.  The winner of the t-shirt from my blog will be announced at the end of February and the winning bidder will also be announced at the end of February.
Please visit Aid for Abby  and Doll Clothes by Peg's Etsy shops  by clicking on their shops names.
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  1. Hi! This is Bonnie, Abby's mom. I am so thankful to have the pleasure to meet Karen. The shirts are wonderful! Abby has one that she has put on a special plush beagle dog that she has by her bed every night. Abby's real therapy dog is a beagle named Buster. He mainly provides companionship and some small tasks for which he was trained for. Karen is such an encouragement to me. I am blessed to have come to know her. May everyone has a wonderful 2012.


  2. Abby is an inspiration and her work is beautiful... would buy a doll t-shirt with her work on in a heart beat...

  3. Thank you Liese, I will work with Abby and Bonnie to create a t-shirt that we can make available to our readers for purchase!