Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Springfield Collection Review

I just received a wonderful box of doll play items from the Spring Field Doll Collection .

I have been a long time customer of Springfield Dolls and I am thrilled to share with you the items they have sent me to review.

Upon opening the box I was overwhelmed with excitement! To see Madison and Olivia in the box was such a wonderful surprise!
Madison has been a doll I have loved for years but she has always been sold out when I go to look for her here in Canada. She has beautiful brown eyes, her skin tone on her arms an legs is lovely and her hair is over the top! I love the ringlets.
Olivia is the perfect Red head! Her sparkling green eyes make this doll something special. While I like the other red heads that you can get from other 18 inch doll companies, none compare to this tone of this special dolls hair. Long and straight this doll's hair will look fantastic styled in so many ways. Always remember to mist your dolls hair lightly and use a wire wig brush on all dolls hair to cut down on fraying it.

Included in the box were also some fantastic packaged items. The Soccer outfit, shorts and shirt as well as the ball, soccer shorts and soccer shoes are adorable.

When my niece Laura turned one I purchased her Emma and the soccer outfit, She has loved "Soccer Dolly" as her favorite doll for the last 3 years. Even though she has an American Girl doll and she  also has Sophia (Maria) Soccer dolly remains her favorite doll ever.
 A very loved "Soccer Dolly" holds her party balloon with pride shown in front of my niece Laura last February.
Getting back to the wonderful outfits sent by Springfield to review....

The more glamorous side of Springfield dolls is shown in their sparkling Prom Dress and Faux White Fur Coat.
I love it with the white figure skates with this outfit a figure skating dream!

The wristlet  is such a gorgeous  teal color  and would look great paired with the Prom Dress or even the casual jeans and t-shirt sets available from  Springfield Dolls

I love the glasses available for dolls these days, I had a pair just like these growing up.

Where I live in Canada, I purchase my Springfield Collection dolls, and accessories from Micheal's the Craft store . The great price of the Springfield collection is made even greater by the discount coupons offered by the store.

Last year for my twin nieces birthdays we purchased each girl attending her own Springfield doll and introduced them to the wonderful world of doll play and Springfield dolls.
 I highly recommend these wonderful dolls to begin or add to your doll family.

When my youngest Niece Thea turned one last May I gave her, her own Springfield Collection Doll, I know that these dolls are not recommend for girls under 3 but as you can tell by the look on her face she had wanted one just like her sister.

I highly recommend the Springfield Dolls and their collections, and want to thank the wonderful people at Springfield Dolls for sending these items to review and share with all of you.

Enter to win the Springfield Prom dress and Wristlet by emailing me at karenmowen@gmail.com and in the subject line type Springfield Dolls. Visit their fantastic website sign up for their newsletter and join the Style Club today!
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  1. We have been playing on the SF Club website (they send you a free bracelet when you sign up- cute!) and I was just saying that the more I look at the dolls, the cuter they are. Madison is my blonde-haired daughter's favorite also! I have bought one thing at Michael's with the coupon; that does make it very nice! I just saw that they do have an online shop now with tons of stuff, if you want a bigger selection and pay for shipping. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just made a trip to Michael's armed with 40% off coupons and picked up another Navy Pea Jacket, a must buy classic of Springfields, the Parochial School Outfit, that looks just fine when pressed and starched. I also sewed some buttons on the blouse which gives it a more finished look. I found a new dress in the lines of the AGD Petshow dress. It's all navy blue with white swirls stiched on it with a very nice shiny, luxurious satin bow to wear at the waist. With coupon it came to $6 plus sales tax. I also love the bunny slippers they sell there. Another must from that line is the purple sleeveless puffy ski vest.

  3. I am so happy to hear this, I have loved their line for many years and am so happy that you all love it as much as I do!

  4. Hi Karen,

    This is Sharry from Doll Diaries. You know how much I love the Springfield Collection dolls! Julie (Maria) will always be my favorite, but I love them all!

  5. Sharry I am thrilled to have you here! Welcome! In Canada, Maria is called Sophia currently, She is one my niece has and loves!

  6. I just bought Sofia today @ the Michael's store in my area! I like her long dark hair and her pretty lip color. She will be my first doll without bangs! I'm bummed that I did not get to open her tonight cause my little guy started not feeling good but I WILL be opening her tomorrow after I get my daughter to school! I think the first thing she is getting is a cozy fleece poncho to go over her lime green, sleeveless dress! I also think she needs some slippers to snuggle in too! I am definately gonna check out the SF Club too!

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  8. It has been brought to my attention to closely monitor dark colored clothing on all 18 inch dolls to make sure that the fabric color doesn't transfer to your dolls skin. I have removed a comment from here cautioning not to use the dark shorts on your doll, Personally we have had another pair of these same shorts for 2 years and they have not caused any problems on our dolls.

  9. Hello. I'm the PR and Social Media Specialist at Fibre-Craft Materials Corp., the parent company for the Springfield Collection. If you have encountered this issue with dark colored clothing from our line, please write to Customer Service at contactspringfield@fibrecraft.com so we can work through it. We are highly concerned whenever someone has a problem with our product. We don't want people to have a negative experience with our doll brand.

  10. That is so great you get to test products for these dolls! I would love that. Entering the contest. I have 2 of these dolls and they are fun to photograph. I love your sites!

  11. I have the glasses.They are adorable but are not worth the money!But i still use them a lot.For 1 they dont stay on the dolls head and for 2 they almost break every time i open them!They are ADORABLE though!

  12. I have some of the Springfield Collection things in this post! I have Olivia, the soccer outfit (including the soccer ball, shoes, and socks), the Prom Dress,the Faux Fur Coat, and the Ice Skates :)