Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brandy shares with us the wonderful birthday set she made for her daughter!

Jayla’s Birthday Party Ball!

Above is Marie-Grace and Cecile's Table from AG below is Brandy's own creation.

 Brandy shares with us how she made this wonderful set for her daughters....
This craft display was inspired by Marie-Grace & Cecile’s Banquet Table and Treats.  My girls LOVED this set…but Momma did not like the price tag!  So was does any adoring mother do for her babies?...Get CREATIVE!!  Here’s how I did it.

Jayla’s 2 tier Birthday Cake:  This was almost entirely foam paper.  The white cake part is thick white foam paper.  The pink icing is thin pink foam paper.  I layered it all together and glued with a hot glue gun.  The white icing trim is thin white foam paper cut with a hole-puncher.  The flowers were premade foam stickers.  For the topper, I used the premade flower foam stickers and attached them to toothpicks….stuck them into upper foam cake.  For the cake plate, I used a white Styrofoam plate and cut it down to size…I topped with a cupcake paper doily.

Miss Emily’s Chocolate Pecan Pie:  One of my best friends, Miss Emily, makes the best Chocolate Pecan Pies.  It has become a tradition in our house to have a Chocolate Pecan Pie for special occasions….so of course I had to include one in Jayla’s Birthday Party!  I let a tan sponge completely dry out.  I cut it into a circle using a biscuit cutter as my guide.  Then I cut it into 6 pieces.  On the bottom I always mark the numbers 1 through 6 so my girls can put the pie back together.  I painted each sponge piece in a coffee bean colored brown paint….let try.  Attached the thin tan foam paper for crust and then used an oak leaf hand punch to make the top crust.  I LOVE how the crust came out….so very Williams Sonoma!  Hahaha.

Punch Bowl:  Crystal Sugar Bowl……….I have had this for years!

Ladle:  This is a salter spoon.  I purchased a few of these at a kitchen store after inheriting my Grandmother Dee’s salt bowls.

Punch Cups:  These are communion cups.  They are the perfect size up for AG dolls.  AND they can serve more than two guests.  (Major bummer that the AG set only came with two cups.)

Table:  Everything is setting on top of a Payne Street Picnic Table.  I used a white cloth napkin as the tablecloth.  On top of that I placed a vintage hanky.  I love how the embroidery adds a little flare.

 I am so thankful to Brandy for sharing her incredible work with us today! What lucky girls she has to enjoy such a crafty mom!
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  1. I love this.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I actually like Brandy's table MUCH better than the AG one!

  3. How did you make the green cake stand and the pink pie stand? Such great ideas! Love it all!

  4. I also want to know how you made the cake stands! This is fabulous.