Monday, February 27, 2012

Doll Clothes By Peg

Continued from yesterday I am sharing with you a great Etsy shop called Doll Clothes By Peg.  Peg
offers a great sellection of clothes for both 18 inch doll and Bitty Twins too!
Her great selection and reasonable prices have made her shop a great success.

With outfits ranging in price from $2.49 to $24 there is something for every budget and taste!
Now if you read yesterdays post you know that I have purchased from Peg before. She makes quality items and they are really affordable.
 I love this set that includes a girl size and doll size shirt.

If you are looking for great boy outfits for your doll play collection you have to check out her outfits I love this one
or how about this

I also love Trains and Thomas the Tank Engine has a special place in my heart so I loved this set.

Peg used to make her living with Teddy Bears but tells me that
"My customers started to ask if I had matching outfits for their American Girl Dolls which I had never heard about. Well, I checked it out and soon the doll clothes were paying the bills and I gleefully haven't stuffed a single teddy bear since! "

I really have enjoyed sharing her shop with you today and if you liked what you have seen here take a look at her shop  Doll clothes by Peg
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