Sunday, February 12, 2012

A great pair of jeans for your 18 inch doll

One of the first items I ever purchased for my American Girl Dolls were the wonderful Jean and T-shirt Set from Springfield Dolls
What I love most about Springfield doll clothes is how easy they are to find for 18 inch dolls. Here in Canada I get mine at Michaels the craft store and love it when the coupons come in the mail and I can use them on Springfield Doll Clothes and accesories !

If you have an 18 inch doll or doll lover in your life, I want to recommend these very well made and affordable doll clothes for your dolls. I love that they fit with in my party budget for birthday party gifts and loot bag items, and with 5 nieces all who love 18 inch dolls, I really find great value in this brand.
My nieces Laura and Thea have three Springfield dolls, while my neices in Montreal Hannah and Cadence also have a Springfield doll in addittion to their American Girl Dolls and they are just as well loved and played with.
I love how they look on my doll and I know you will too!

Please note that these opinions are my own and that I have purchased these pants on my own and am reviewing them as a doll clothes owner. I should also point out that while I have heard of people cautioning that dark pants and stain your dolls legs, I have not in the three years since owning these had any problems with them.
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  1. I agree! I've had great luck with the Springfield clothes and love the fact that I can run over to Michaels and find a little treat for the dolls without spending a lot of money. ~ Melinda

  2. I have these jeans! I haven't had any problems with them.