Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brandy shares with us more of her creative doll treats for a Valentine's Dance.

Remember the invitation in the mail box from yesteday's post? Guest Blogger Brandy shares with the wonderful Valentines dance doll play items she created.
The she has made from items you may very easily be able to find at your local craft and party shop.
 Here is how Brandy created her "Valentines Day Dance" treats.

For the "Valentine's Day Dance" I made several cute little inexpensive
things.   My daughter's love to display the little doll treats I make them
on cake stands.  The stands they use now are ceramic.  I don't worry so much
about my daughters breaking them, but I worry that friends might
accidentally break one during a play-date.  So..the start of this project
began with making the "sweet stands."

The 3 tier sweet stands -   I used different height candlesticks.  A 3 inch
and 2 inch candle stick.  I couldn't find a 1 inch candle stick so I used a
1 inch dowel rod cap and glued it to a small wood circle. Sorry, I forgot to
take a picture of the unpainted dowel rod cap.   All candle sticks and dowel
caps were purchased on line at .   On top of each
base I glued a thin 3.25 inch wood circle (I purchased these at a Jo Ann
Fabric Store.)  After all glued had dried.I spray painted them a pretty
berry pink.  AND.these stands make the perfect real life cupcake stands!!

Heart Cookies - I used a quarter as my template.  I traced out circles on
tan foam paper.  Then I used red, pink, and purple foam heart stickers as
frosting.  I placed the cookies in a plastic heart container that I got in
the Target dollar bins.
Heart chocolates (or candies) - These were tiny erasers I found in the
Target dollar bins.  I placed the chocolates in a plastic heart container
that I got in the Target dollar bins.

Cheesecake - My youngest daughter LOVES this was a special
craft for her.  I let a tan sponge dry out completely.  I cut it into a
circle using a biscuit cutter as my guide.  Then I cut it into 6 pieces.  On
the bottom I always mark the numbers 1 through 6 so my girls can put the pie
back together.  I painted each sponge piece in a creamy vanilla colored
paint..let try.  Attached the thin tan foam paper for crust and then used a
heart hand punch to make the top crust.  For a berry topping, I used very
tiny red pom-poms.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Again I would like to thank Brandy for her amazing craft talent and for sharing her ideas with us today.
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