Friday, February 17, 2012

I love the Red Heads

I love red heads, I did a post last week on my Canadian Doll Maplelea Blog and I wanted to share and expand on it to include 18 inch  Red Head Dolls I have seen and love.

Now Springfield Collection really gets high marks in my books for Olivia. Here hair is a wonderful shade of red, she is very reasonably priced and she is the most accessible red haired doll on the market today. Priced in Canada around $30 (much less in the USA) and with the Coupons available from Michaels the craft store in both the USA and Canada she is a doll that almost any girl (or parent) can acquire and love.
Another favorite Red head of mine is Jenna, now Jenna is a Maplelea Doll pictured with Olivia above and in shirts and a skirt made by Dacia of Mini Me Dolly Diva. I think Jenna looks fantastic in just about anything! Here hair and eyes set off her delicate freckles and she is a wonderful doll.
Jenna is available for $99.99 from Maplelea. To visit the Maplelea website click here

Other notable Red haired beauties are Gali Girl Red heads. You can choose from a Brown Eyed doll shown above or the Blue Eyed doll shown below.
These beautiful Red haired Jewish dolls sell for $35 and come with wonderful accessories that will make any little girl or doll collector very happy! You can visit the Gali Girl Website by clicking here.
 For my readers in the UK, I have to say that My London Girl Doll Amy is also a favorite with her Auburn, hair and fantastic accessories she is a wonderful must have Red Head.
My London Girl dolls sell for 79 Pounds and are available in store or by visiting their website by clicking here
Photo of Nellie by Heather from my on line
So you may be wondering about American Girl Doll Red heads. Nellie, now retired will run you about $200 on the second hand market if you are lucky enough to find someone willing to part with her that is. Nellie was retired along with Samantha, in 2009. She is an adorable Strawberry Blonde red head. 

Emily is another red head I just love from American Girl. I have a feeling that she may be on her way out so if you are looking to add her to your Doll Collection you may want to act fast. I have no official word but I feel that perhaps She and Molly are next to retire. I will be sad to see her go. American Girl offers Emily at $105

My American Girl Dolls have 8 choices for Red Heads according to their program on line. Though none of them are true red heads like Springfield or Maplelea.
You can order your choice by clicking here
I do love the choices you have on the American Girl Dolls and in person they are even lovelier!
While there is yet to be a red haired set of Bitty Twins, I do love the new Red Haired Bitty Baby!
This red haired beauty is offered at $50 and you can view her by clicking here

I hope you have enjoyed today's post about the lovely Red Heads and if you have a doll with red hair you wish to share please email me a photo at 

As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at 

PS Kristi shared this Madame Alexander Red Head I did not know about! 
PPS Annika shared Fancy Nancy as well! Love her!


  1. Have to admit I am a red head fan as well. I have several redheads in my Sasha collection and have my eye on Molly and My London Girl Amy...oh if only money grew on trees! ;-)

  2. Redheads rock! Thanks for sharing, Karen! I am not Jewish, but I think I have to have that Gali Girl. She is beautiful. I'll go check them out!

  3. I love redheads, too! I think Olivia's hair looks wonderful, and I may have to get her. My favorite redhead in my collection is my AG Mia, but since she was a GOTY she's not available anymore. I also love freckles. :)

  4. Madame Alexander has a couple cute redheads on their website in the Favorite Friends 18 inch play doll collection. Here are a couple links:

  5. Thanks Kristi,
    I did not know about that beautiful doll!

  6. Don't forget about Mia (Girl of The Year 2008) and Felicity (1774 historical character)... they both have red hair, too! They're both retired, so they might be hard to find.

  7. I am partial to redhead dolls too. I just bought Emily with Christmas money and I think she is just adorable. I got her with the intention of turning her into Ginny Weasley, but ended up keeping her as a historical. I agree with you that Molly and Emily are probably the next to go.

  8. Thanks Ladies! I had forgotten that Mia and Felicity were Redheads! Also hard to find these days! I love all of your comments and am so thrilled! I too love the Gali Girls Christina and I am not of the Jewish faith either.
    So happy to hear from all of you today!

  9. Yay! I just love red-headed dolls! I've had my eye on MyAG G1960 to be my Anne of Green Gables/Regency girl. I think she will need a bit of customization, though. Freckles and such:-)