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Welcome to the Gali Girls! Avalible in North America!

Today I am so happy to bring you some information on some very unique dolls available in the USA. If you have been reading my blog lately you have seen me write about My London Girl Dolls and you may have already figured out that they do not yet ship to North America.
One of our readers Karen E, (investigative doll researcher!)  wrote me about a wonderful line of dolls she knew about in the USA that look very similar to the My London Girl dolls. She introduced me and now all of you to the Gali Girls.

These beautiful dolls have been created by Aliza of Gali Girls. After Karen E contacted me I wrote the Gali Girl company an email requesting information and Aliza got back to me and agreed to an interview, which I will share with you now.

Can you tell me how you came to choose the dolls you have:
A:I used to work in sales and Toys R Us was a client of mine. I conceived of the idea for the dolls but didn't know how to proceed from there. I called my contact at Toys and she was kind enough to put me in touch with their third party agent to China. He met with me and helped me forge a relationship with a factory there that makes 18-inch dolls.

How you came to name them?  
A:There are over 100 names. I simply took 100 hebrew names and we printed them in Hebrew and English on the birth certificates. For the historical dolls (Miriam, Reyna, Shoshana), these names were created by the author, Robin Levinson, who wrote the books.
Forgive me for not knowing very much about the Jewish Faith, I would love to know more about the "Jewish rituals", the items that come with each of your dolls and how they are used in doll play.
A:  Each doll comes with a 10 piece wooden toy Shabbat set. On Friday nights, after sundown, Jews observe the sabbath. It's traditional for the mommy to light 2 sabbath candles when the sun goes down to welcome in the sabbath. The family then sits down for a meal which begins with a blessing over the wine and then breaking the bread ("challah").  These are the pieces represented in the wooden toy kit.

I would also really like to know about your beautiful red head doll, how is her hair to maintain? 
A:The redhead is our only wigged doll - the others are rooted. The redhead doll has soft wavy red hair that is easily maintained with a soft brush.

Do you ship to Canada? Yes, but it costs an extra $28 (per USPS weight and size guidelines)
Also do you design your own clothes for the dolls? The clothes the dolls come in were designed specifically for Gali Girls (with Jewish themed shirts). Our other clothes (for the most part) are provided by doll clothing distributors.

 I would love to know more about your books as well.
A:There are 3 books in our historical Jewish series of books for young girls. All books were written by author Robin Levinson. 
(1914) When 10-year-old Miriam Bloom and her sisters learn they are finally joining their father in America, they are overjoyed. The pogroms against their little Russian shtetl have grown more frequent and destructive. But when they finally arrive on Ellis Island, the Bloom girls and their mother are greeted by a tragedy that threatens to banish them immediately back to Russia. Inspired by actual events, Miriam's extraordinary journey from the Old World to the New demonstrates how Jewish values restore hope and strength to her family.
(1175) Twelve-year-old Reyna Li isn't psychic, although sometimes it seems that way. She has an uncanny ability to see people's hearts through their body language. Reyna's gift has helped her father, Yehuda – a leader in Old China's Jewish community – become a successful trader, but it has also alienated Reyna from her friends. When the mysterious Mr. Virat makes Yehuda an offer he can't refuse, Reyna's intuition leads her into a daring rescue attempt in the desert hundreds of miles from home. Join Reyna as she discovers and rediscovers herself, the blessings of the mother she never knew, and the true meaning of being Jewish.
(1662) In Hebrew, her name means 'rose' - but Shoshana Levy has never seen one. Not even in Brazil, from where she and 22 other "secret Jews" fled, before getting raided by pirates, stranded on an island, and eventually becoming the first Jews to permanently settle in America despite overwhelming odds. Eight years later, Shoshana stumbles upon a wild rose bush - a seemingly mundane event, but one that dramatically shapes her future. Join Shoshana as her budding friendship with an Indian girl reveals hidden biases, plung

In addition to offering these wonderful dolls and books, Gali Girls offers some of the best deals in doll accessories I have seen!
These shoes are offered at $6.50 a pair! I love the selection and the color!
How about these fun spring colored runners! Offered at $5!

From Sneakers to Snow Boots you are sure to find great value in ordering dolls and items from this wonderful website!
Now all about the dolls and what each doll comes with!

Each of these beautiful dolls comes with  Matching Magen-David bracelets (for doll and for owner)
10 piece wooden toy Shabbat Kit as well as a Hebrew and English name Birth Certificate. I was surprised to hear that each doll is only $35!
These dolls are a wonderful investment in doll play as well as a great investment in education, even if you are not of the Jewish Faith these beautiful dolls would make wonderful additions to your doll family.

So if you are looking to add to your doll family or you know a family who may be interested in bringing home one of these wonderful dolls, please visit Gali Girls  by clicking here.
I am so thankful to Karen E and to Aliza for bringing these wonderful dolls to my attention!
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  1. I have been thinking about buying these for a while for my girls. They are very pretty, and I would love to have the pieces to come with them to use to teach about other cultures,etc. I just have to figure out the right time to get them.

  2. This is the first I have heard of these dolls. Thank you for the information.

  3. I am so happy to have shared it with you and if not for reader Karen, I too would not have known about them! If any of you order please let me know so we can share with every one about these wonderful dolls!